© Begegnung
Ein Mann steht vor einem Räucherschrank in dem mehrere Fische hängen.

The summer retreat begins where your schedule ends. Therefore it’s best to leave it at home.

© Lauschen statt hören
Das Bild zeigt einen in Tracht und mit Hut gekleideten Mann von hinten, der gerade Geige spielt. Auf dem Bild steht folgender Text "Lauschen statt hören - so ist Sommerfrische reloaded".
© Lederhosen ©OÖ Tourismus
Die Lederhosen von zwei Männern sind von hinten sichtbar.


Works of art

Art comes from ability they say so easily. That that’s true is something you can convince yourself of at Hand.Werk.Haus in Bad Goisern. In the airy, modern converted Neuwildstein castle in the centre of the town everything revolves around masterpieces from the area. Whether it’s loden shoes, horn-rimmed glasses or architecture. The tradition of craftsmanship is long, the skills are rich, the variations are great and the demands - as always – are extremely high. In Goisern you'll find the right insight.



© Primushäusl Brennerei
Im Zentrum steht die Brennerei der Destilliere Primushäusl am Wolfgangsee.


The essence of nature

They smell, they tingle, they surprise, they enchant…in short they taste uniquely just like the region – the fine distillates of the award-winning distillery Primushäusl. Thirty fine brandies are waiting to be tasted and if you have had enough of them, you can try the homemade gin, whisky or rum. 


© Schaffensraum ©Bühner/ emotioninpictures.at
Im Zentrum steht ein Handwerker, der auf seiner Arbeitsfläche gerade einen Stoff bearbeitet. Im Hintergrund hängen mehrere bunte Stoffe und ein Schild mit der Aufschrift "Sepp Wach Seidenhanddrucke A-8990 Bad Aussee".


Original Alpine Couture

The only place in Austria where silk fabrics for Dirndl & Co. are still hand printed can be found in Ausseerland. On the mostly pure silk twill wood or metal models are used to create colourful designs that cannot be found anywhere else. The colours of the season meet traditional patterns and vice versa. A must for trendsetters and costume enthusiasts.


© Fischer
Im Zentrum des Bildes befindet sich ein Fisch, der gerade von einem Fischer mit einem Netzt aus einem See geangelt wurde. Im Hintergrund Wald.


A fishy delight from Fuschlsee

The finely smoked char, brown and salmon trout from the Fuschlsee are widely known and are always worth a visit. Those who don't dine in the elegant restaurant of Schloss Fuschl can try the daily fresh fish directly at the shore in the traditional Schloss-Fischerei. The famous smoked delicacies can also be bought there - packed in travel-ready packaging.


Coffee and gossip

They have beautiful name such as „Dreiklang“, „Goiserer Blume“ or „Ischler Melange“.  There is talk of the fair coffee rarities of the coffee roasting house Hrovat based in Bad Ischl. You can find them in the concept store of the same name at Kreuzplatz. The committed pharmacist couple roasts their carefully selected coffees in an old Renaissance vault at the foot of the Pötschenpass itself. Over a wood fire - for which the coffee beans thank you with their unique aroma.



© Horvats röstet ©horvatsröstet.at
In einem Gewölbe befinden sich viele verschiedenen Säcke gefüllt mit Kaffeebohnen.

Bad Ischl

© Gmundner Keramik Manufaktur ©Gmundner Keramik
Auf einer Drehscheibe befindet sich ein Teller, der gerade von einer Person bemalen wird. Von der Person ist lediglich die Hand zu sehen, in der sie einen Pinsel hält.


All about ceramics

Rarely does one relax the mind as well as in the middle of the creative process. All the better if you make your own unique piece in one of the most traditional handicraft manufactures in the Salzkammergut. At the workshop of Gmundner Keramik you learn from proven knowledge and in a fun way not only expand your horizon but also your cupboard with new masterpieces. With fresh clay, brushes, a colour palette and a little bit of professional help at hand nothing can go wrong. Only 3 weeks later your creation - a living piece of tradition - is delivered to your home. Those who want to take the course with family or friends can be sure that it will be a memorable experience.


© Gustav Klimt Zentrum ©Klimt Foundation
Das Bild zeigt einen Raum im Gustav Klimt Zentrum. An den Wänden hängen mehrere Bilder.


A world of art

Not everything of inestimable value has to be made of gold. The reflection of sunrays on rippling waters can be enough to awaken the spark of inspiration.  This is what the great master of Austrian Art Nouveau, Gustav Klimt, must have experienced when he observed the shores and hills of his beloved summer destination Attersee in the years between 1900 and 1916. The exhibition “Florale Welten” in honour of the wold-famous artist in the Gusta-Klimt-Zentrum reminds us that this region is rich in masterpieces and art treasures that are just waiting to be discovered at the right moment.


© Torten Toni ©Alexandra Fazan Fotografie
Im Zentrum des Bildes steht eine junge Konditorin mit ihrer weißen Konditormütze. Sie steht in einer Stube. An der Wand befinden sich bemalte Teller.


A sweet masterpiece

The art of baking is in Antonia Wienerroither’s blood. After all, she is Austria’s youngest miller and successor in one of the oldest mills in Austria, the Erlachmühle. But next to wheat and rye her heart belongs to the patisserie. With passion she creates the most delicate delights from sugar, cinnamon and all kinds of the finest ingredients in an almost magical way. Just like she learned as an apprentice and then as Demi Chef Pati at the prestigious Hotel Sacher. You can find out more about her and the legendary wood-fired bread in their own bakery.