© Langlaufen Rettenbachalm © Salzkammergut_Karl Steinegger
Ein Pärchen skatet auf der Alm bei einer Hütte vorbei.

Cross country skiing in the Salzkammergut

Cross-country skiing is healthy! Due to the different movement sequences almost all muscle groups of the body are stressed. In addition, cross-country skiing increases the condition and is good for the joints. If then also the trail and environment are right, the cross-country skiing happiness is perfect! And these are definitely right in the Salzkammergut: perfect trails, incredible views of the mountains and lakes of the Salzkammergut and lots and lots of fresh air!


© Langlaufen in der Rettenbachalm © Salzkammergut_Karl Steinegger
Ein Pärchen läuft mit den Langlaufskiern bei einer Hütte vorbei und betrachtet diese.
Cross-country skiing packages
Inexpensive, first-class, eventful!
© Cross-country skiing in the Rettenbachalm
Man and woman cross-country skiing on the Rettenbachalm. Snowy surroundings.