Colourful foolish hustle and bustle

The carnival days are celebrated extensively and exuberantly in the Salzkammergut. Tradition and folk culture are also very important in carnival.

Between foolish hustle and bustle and centuries-old tradition: in the fifth season of the year - carnival - the Salzkammergut turns out to be the stronghold of carnival in Austria. Carnival is not only the last highlight of winter customs in the Salzkammergut, it is also a tradition that drives away the evil demons and asks for fertility and a rich harvest. The tradition of carnival goes back to the Celtic period.

From Ausseer Drum women and Flinserln ...

On carnival Monday and carnival Tuesday early in the morning, the drum women roam through Bad Aussee with deafening noises: seasoned men in old-fashioned women's nightclothes who want to drive winter out of the town with drums and trumpets. The rhythm of the Ausseer carnival march can be heard during the carnival days at all corners and ends of the Ausseerland. The "Flinserl" are the spring figures of the Ausseer carnival.

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Her precious, elaborately decorated dresses are made of natural linen and embroidered with colourful sequined cloth stains. The magnificent robes are said to have come from Venice to Bad Aussee with the salt trade. The traditional Flinserlzug takes place annually on carnival Tuesday at 14 o'clock in the centre of Bad Aussee.

... and from Ebenseer Fetzen

In Ebensee, the entire town is dedicated to the carnival and the hustle and bustle of fools. The legendary Ebenseer Fetzenumzug has already achieved cult status and has even been awarded immaterial UNESCO cultural heritage status. In their typical rag clothing and with elaborately carved wooden masks, the fools wander through Ebensee and celebrate until the next morning.


Carnival in Bad Ischl

When the "Båder-Jågerl and his wife Gertraud" are taken out of their summer quarters in the museum of the town, carnival in Bad Ischl is not far away. The range stretches from the already traditional Pfandler carnival festivities, the "Wilderer" Sunday and the big masked parade on Tuesday, to the final carnival digging. But not only the numerous events invite you to celebrate with us. Bad Ischl's gastronomy is also under the sign of the foolish hustle and bustle, especially on the carnival weekend.


Carnival events in Salzkammergut