The Salzkammergut is rich in culture and nature - and loved for its scenic diversity, which leaves all paths open to hikers, from leisurely to strenuous. In the wide landscape around the large pre-alpine lakes, pleasure hikers are in their area.

The Salzkammergut is unique. No other region corresponds to the charm of Austria in such concentrated form. Nature plays out all of its charms in the Salzkammergut.

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    Rules of conduct on the pasture

    Recently one has repeatedly heard and seen incidents on pastures. In order to avoid dangerous situations between the grazing livestock and hikers beforehand 10 rules of conduct inform about a safe coexistence on the pastures of the Salzkammergut. Have a look at the video or brochure.


    4 mountains 3 lakes

    Hike the unique Fuschlsee, Wolfgangsee and Mondsee regions in a multi-day tour without luggage!


    To the details

    Highlight with a view!

    Hiking - probably the most beautiful pleasure since the invention of the feet! The summit always waits with the most beautiful views. Up to the mountain!

    To the trails

    WALDNESS. Forest really works!

    Relaxation for body, mind and soul, enjoyment and exercise amidst beautiful trees and crystal clear mountain water.

    to WALDNESS.Almtal

    Hiking is the kids' desire!

    Kids want to have fun! Also when hiking. The family-friendly hiking trails in the Salzkammergut offer a lot to discover and experience.

    Tips for families

    Do a break, where it is most beautiful!

    Hike the lucky places in the Salzkammergut and recharge your good mood batteries with a unique break.


    Offers for wayfarers

    A backpack full of hiking days. Choose your destination for the hiking holiday and conquer the Salzkammergut step by step.

    Hiking offers

    Enjoyment on the Almfluss

    Enjoy a breathtaking 52 km hiking pleasure along the Almuferweg from the Almspitz to the Almsee.