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2 Wanderer gehen am Berggrad entlang. Dahinter sieht man den Attersee.
2 Wanderer gehen am Berggrad entlang. Dahinter sieht man den Attersee.

A long-distance hiking trail of a special kind - from lake to lake

The right equipment in your backpack, mountain boots on your feet that let you float above the ground and off you go.

More than 370 kolimeters through picturesque landscapes and idyllic nature, past deep blue lakes that invite you to linger. The adventure stretches over 14.000 meters in altitude, bringing with it countless alpine and regional variations.

Give your body, soul and spirit a rest and let yourself be enchanted on your path from lake to lake. 


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A couple walk on the mountain.

The stages

The 23 classic stages are the basic structure of the BergeSeen Trail. With the alpine (17 stages) and the regional (9 stages) stages it's possible to lengthen the trail or make it more alpine. The alpine stages are only for people which are sure footed, free from giddiness, in good condition and have alpine experience.

© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Stefan Mayerhofer: Beim Wandern am Gosausee immer den Dachstein im Blick haben.
Ein Paar in bequemer Freizeitbekleidung steht auf einem schottrigen Wanderweg am Ufer des Gosausees und blickt zum Dachstein. Rechts und links des Sees steile Waldhänge und Felswände, im Hintergrund der Dachstein mit Gletscher. Leichte Wolken am Himmel, Sonnenschein. Beide Personen tragen einen Rucksack.

Classic stages

Classic stages

The classic version of the trail, holds a total of 23 stages at various altitudes.

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© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Nicole Kubiak: A young couple enjoys the sunset at the small Schönberg.
A young couple enjoys the sunset at little Schönberg

Alpine stages

Alpine stages

Individual routes also lead to alpine refuges. Mountain romance is guaranteed.

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© Photo Oberösterreich Tourismus/Attersee Attergau/Michael Grössinger: A man and a woman hike along the Edelkastanienweg (sweet chestnut path) at Lake Attersee.
A man and a woman walk along the Edelkastanienweg (sweet chestnut path) at Lake Attersee, with the mountain landscape and a sea of clouds in the background.

Regional stages

Regional stages

During the regional stages you will hike around the Irrsee, around the Attersee and through the Strubklamm.

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Route of the classic 23 BergeSeen Trail stages

Personal sense of achievement with SummitLynx hiking pins

Along the BergeSeen Trail not only picturesque views, refreshing lakes and culinary delights await, but also friendly alpine innkeepers, helpful local guides and good-humored hikers.

In this way, the tour along the BergeSeen Trail becomes not only an unforgettable stay, but also a personal sense of achievement with memory character.

More info about our SummitLynx digital hiking pins can be found in the link. With the hiking pins, ambitious hikers can record their successes and memories of the highlights they have experienced.

On foot through the Salzkammergut

Servus TV-Bergwelten mit Ernst Merkinger, welcher meist weite Wege auf sich nimmt.

This time on the BergeSeen Trail and meets inspiring personalities who accompany him part of the way.

On the way on the "BergeSeen Trail" with Jakob Fessler

Since 2017 the "Berge-Seen-Trail" connects the numerous hiking trails in the Salzkammergut to a 350 kilometer long long distance hiking trail. 20 daily stages lead through the Salzkammergut mountains and through the Tote Gebirge, past the numerous large and small lakes of the Salzkammergut. This long-distance hiking trail was realized as a joint project of the tourism associations of the region and the Salzkammergut Tourismus Marketing GmbH, with the Austrian Alpine Association and the Naturfreunde Salzkammergut. 

Jakob Fessler set out last fall and completed two sections of this Salzkammergut - Trail: He hiked together with former forester Gisbert Rabeder from Lake Hallstatt to the spa town of Bad Aussee and then with hiking guide and storyteller Sabina Haslinger from Almsee to Gmunden. He also explored Lake Traunsee with the historic paddle steamer Gisela and its captain, and had Manuel Suchanek explain the history and functioning of the famous laths during a trip on Lake Altaussee.

We hope you enjoy listening to it!

© GruppewandertvorGennerquer_FuschlseeErber
Gruppe wandert quer vorm Genner in der Fuschlseeregion.