© Laufen am Mondsee - TVB Mondsee-Irrsee/Valentin Weinhäupl
Ein Mann und eine Frau laufen auf einem Aussichtsplatz Nähe der Hilfbergkirche in Mondsee. Von diesem Platz aus kann man den gesamten See überblicken.

Running instead of walking

Trail running in the Salzkammergut

Explore and experience the hiking trails of the Salzkammergut and its mountains at running pace! Swap your hiking boots for trail running shoes and explore the region at running pace.

Trail literally means track or path. One is called a trail runner as soon as one enters paths, i.e. forest, meadow or gravel paths. The moment the road runner leaves the pavement, he becomes a trail runner.

In the Salzkammergut, panoramic trails around the lakes, field paths through idyllic landscapes as well as trails up the mountains through forest and meadow or ridges over mountain peaks await you. No matter whether you want to take on a mini-trail of five kilometres or an ultra trail, in the Salzkammergut every trail runner will find the right running route for his or her needs!

Those who would like to run from place to place can do so with our BergeSeen Trail, including luggage transport by Salzkammergut-Touristik.

Have you got the urge? Then put on your trail running shoes and head off to the Salzkammergut!


Our top trail routes

There are many trails in the Salzkammergut waiting to be walked.

We have compiled our top trails for you.

Trailrunning Packages

Explore the trails in the Salzkammergut and have your luggage brought from accommodation to accommodation or take part in a trail running camp and train with like-minded people.

Trail running events in the Salzkammergut

Whether it's a 5-kilometre mini-trail, an ambitious half-marathon, a full-distance trail marathon or an ultra-trail over 100 kilometres, the trail events in the Salzkammergut offer a wide variety of distances.