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Via Ferratas
in the Salzkammergut


Climbing through the Salzkammergut - that's the new goal!

With its 8 regions, the Salzkammergut offers a large number of unique via ferratas that are definitely worth discovering. Thanks to the large selection of trails suitable for every level of difficulty, the via ferratas in the Salzkammergut offer something for every target group.

Of course, the latest safety equipment must be used for all via ferrata - at least a harness, via ferrata set and helmet. Publishers, property owners, recommenders, builders and maintainers are not liable for accidents of any kind.

List of via ferratas by difficulty

So that you can find the right via ferrata for you, we list the difficulty scale in detail below. Thus, the tours can be better coordinated and risks can be eliminated.


Info videos from the Austrian Alpine Club on the subject of via ferratas

Via ferrata guide