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Trail running in the Salzkammergut - Running instead of walking

Swap your hiking boots for trail running shoes and explore the Salzkammergut and its mountains at running pace.

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Vor der Kulisse des Schafbergs ist ein Trailrunner auf einer Almwiese unterwegs.

Are you looking for new challenges and want to explore the fantastic scenery of the Salzkammergut on a run? Then you've come to the right place! Literally translated, "trail" means track or path. So as soon as you leave the asphalt as a runner and enter forest, meadow or gravel paths, you become a trail runner. In the Salzkammergut, many varied trails and panoramic paths around the numerous lakes, dirt tracks through idyllic landscapes and mountain paths or ridges over the peaks of the region are waiting to be discovered. The region offers the right running route for every trail running enthusiast, adapted to their individual requirements!

We show you the most beautiful trail running routes in the Salzkammergut and have collected professional tips from trail running expert Lukas Schaffenrath!

Our top trail routes

Trail running pro Lukas Schaffenrath shows us the best trails in the region. In recent years, he has tested many varied routes in the Salzkammergut and described them from a trail runner's perspective. We have an overview of the tours and the best tips for all trail running fans!

3 questions for trail running pro Lukas Schaffenrath

  • What fascinates you about trail running?

    Being able to move freely, easily and quickly in nature. This opens up countless possibilities for interesting routes and great experiences!

  • What are your favourite trails in the Salzkammergut?

    If I had to choose one route, I would probably take the route from Grundlsee via the Lahngang lakes to the Pühringer Hütte. The scenery along the way is simply unique and the trail itself is so varied and usually at just the right gradient: pure enjoyment! But of course, I also love travelling along the Fuschlsee with Filbling or was recently very impressed by the high Kalmberg!

  • What are your 5 best tips for trail runners / trail running beginners?

    1. Slowly increase the length of the routes, don't want to do too much too quickly, but enjoy the training process, then anything is possible in the long term!

    2. Walking uphill (hiking) is part of it! On certain inclines, walking is much more effective than running uphill and is one of the four "disciplines" of trail running, just like flat running and downhill.

    3. Good provision! If you manage to continuously consume carbohydrates on longer runs, you will go much further and have more fun.

    4. Familiarise yourself with poles. You have to practise, but poles can be a great support for trail running and help to take the strain off your legs on long climbs.

    5. Run races! There are races for every level. You get to know new routes and people and you also learn a lot about yourself.

If you want to embark on a trail running adventure from place to place, we recommend the BergeSeen Trail - the long-distance hiking trail through the entire Salzkammergut offers magnificent views and a varied nature experience! Offers including luggage transport are available from Salzkammergut-Touristik in Bad Ischl.

Trail running events in the Salzkammergut

Whether it's a 5-kilometre mini-trail, an ambitious half-marathon, a full-distance trail marathon or an ultra-trail over 100 kilometres, the trail events in the Salzkammergut offer a wide variety of distances.