© Skitouren Postalm © Salzkammergut/Karl Steininger
© Badespaß am Attersee ©Hochauser
Eine Frau sitzt in ihrem Badeanzug am Steg über einem See. Ein springt gerade in den See. Im Hintergrund der See.

Ice diving and ice fishing

What drives more and more people to saw a hole in the ice sheet of a lake and sink in the freezing cold floods? Quite simply: a fairytale underwater world full of magical impressions whose fascination you can hardly escape.


Ice diving at the Attersee

In winter, when the Attersee lake rests majestically under its ice cover, hardly anyone who goes for a walk will have any idea of the fabulous natural spectacle hidden beneath it. Already in summer, diving in the natural lakes of the Salzkammergut is a pure pleasure. But true experts swear by the cold season. The water is now even a bit clearer than usual and offers a visibility of up to 25 metres. No engine noise, no shipping and no screams from bathers disturb the magic of the moment.

Underwater lucky place

A special attraction is the "sunken forest": once a piece of forest was summarily transported into the lake by a landslide - much to the delight of the divers, who often and gladly float through the surreal scenery. Here in the Attersee, which with an area of 48 square kilometres and a depth of up to 170 metres is the largest inner-Austrian lake, you can also find the first "Glücksplatztafel" under water. This means that in the Salzkammergut only selected places are marked which, due to their special natural beauty and location or due to their spiritual power, ensure true moments of happiness for the visitor.


Diving schools

The fjord-like Hallstätter See, a mountain lake at the northern foot of the Dachstein, is also perfect for ice diving: Every winter it freezes over at least partially and offers steep face divers in particular a very special kick. But no matter in which of the many lakes in the region you want to become active: before the adventure begins, you should find out about the respective diving zones. For the protection of pile dwellings and spawning grounds alone, diving is by no means permitted everywhere. Even more important, not to say vital, is a profound training, which is absolutely necessary even for experienced divers before their first ice dive.