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Mondsee am Mondsee

The Almeida park is a new made pier area by the lake. This park is really suitable to walk or run near by the lake. There are many park banks and your children can play on the playground. You can also make a ship tour. ​

Oberwang bei Mondsee

In the past alp area from monastry Mondsee, now a popular hiking target. On the eastern side of Oberwang at Mondseeberg you will find Almplatzl, the former site of Hofalm (Hochalm), which was part of the monastery or comital landscape. Favourite hiking...

Hof bei Salzburg

Prisoners were held captive in the house's basement in earlier times.


viewing platform 5fingers This visitor attraction opened at the beginning of October, 2006. Also known as the "World Heritage View Point". Built 500 metres above ground, the viewing platform is in the shape of a hand with 5 fingers, and protrudes from a sheer rock...


Hallstatt Sky Walk - the "World Heritage View" The platform floats freely in almost 360 meters above sea level and offers a unique view of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hallstatt and the hiking region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. Hallstatt Sky Walk: The "World...

Innerschwand am Mondsee

Nice view of the Zwölferhorn

Tiefgraben am Mondsee

fantastic view of MondSeeLand aside of the way, you can find a bank with a beautiful view ​

Innerschwand am Mondsee

fantastic view of MondSeeLand

St. Lorenz am Mondsee

The only one viewpoint where you can see the lakes Mondsee and Wolfgangsee

St. Lorenz am Mondsee

​Spectacular view over the Mondsee

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