© BergeSeenETrail©Salzkammergut/KatrinKerschbaumer
Der See eingebettet in der Berglandschaft

Breathe in the fresh air, recharge in nature and relax by the water...

...that is nature experience in the summer refreshness reloaded. 

Hiking tip – Bad Ischl

The circular trail around the Jainzen is perfect for a short hike on warm summer days. We pass the mighty Hohenzoller waterfall, which is used by adventure friends as a canyoning route in summer and for ice climbing in winter.


Hiking bus at Wolfgangsee

From now on, the hiking bus runs weekly on Tuesday and Thursday up to and including 28 October 2021 to the Postalm.
€ 17,00 per person is a return trip including tolls.

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There is also a bicycle bus to the Schwarzensee from St. Wolfgang every day at 9. 30 a. m. The fare is € 7. 00 per person. Advance booking must be made by 3 p. m. the day before at the latest at the travel agency Pro Travel +43 (0) 6138 2525-0 required.

Obertrauner mountain experience - Dachstein Salzkammergut

The Obertrauneer mountain experience combines tradition, the beauty of the holiday region Dachstein Salzkammergut and adventure. 

The sunrise rides are the highlights in Obertraun for guests and locals and take place from July to October. Enjoy the sun rise with the Dachstein Krippstein cable car. Afterwards take set in the alm hut and enjoy the breakfast  That's the perfect start for a hike at the "Stoa"

Here you'll find all dates for thesunrise rides. 

The full moon trips are also an overwhelming experience...

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...for guests and locals in our region. A hike with the wise wind players to the viewing platform 5fingers and then stop at the lodge at Krippenstein.


Here you'll find all date for the fullmoon rides: ds.reisen/wpl0


Please register directly at the Tourist Office Obertraun by phone at+43 595095-40 or under obertraun@dachstein-salzkammergut.at


You can find all informations and dates for the trips on our website: http:// ds.reisen/Tmy3


Longing for lakes: Enjoy, dream and arrive!

The magic of the lakes in the Ausseerland - Salzkammergut region

Crystal clear water in which the mountains are reflected. A wide spectrum of colours from the deep blue Altausseer See to the soft moor tones of the lake Ödensee and the paradisical turquoise Steerers. In the hot summer months, you can enjoy refreshing bathing experiences in the Ausseerland and dreamlike views of the surrounding mountain landscape.

Whether hiking along the water, experiencing the lake up close by boat or SUP, having a leisurely breakfast by the lake or taking a traditional “Plätten” boat trip - the Ausseerland - Salzkammergut offers many relaxing, interesting and decelerating moments around the element of water.

Get to know more about it...

© Loeckersee-Gosau©RudiKainPhotografie
Der Löckersee beim Löckermoos.

Dachstein - Salzkammergut

Natural spectacle – Löckenmoos

Löckenmoos was voted the most beautiful place in Upper Austria and it is! In the summer months guided hikes to Löckernmoos take place weekly on Tuesday and Sunday. The Gosau stroll train takes you to the quarry huts. From there,...


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...the hike leads over light forest terrain to the ceiling moor – the Löckensee. Then we continue to the “Grubalmen” and the karst cave “Wildfrauenloch. ” The hike ends at the well-known Gosau Grinding Quarry, where grinding stones were already mined in the 15th century.


The meeting point for the descent is at the sports center in Gosau every Tuesday at 9:45 am and every Sunday at 9:30 am. Please plan a walking time of about 2 hours. The hike is also suitable for the youngest children from 4 years of age. The excursion will take about 6 hours in total.


You are interested and would like to book the guided tour with Betty Jehle?


Please register at the Tourist Office Gosau +43 59 095 – 20 or directly with Betty on +43 650 63 66 177 until 6 pm the day before.

We wish you a nice, eventful day at Löckenmoos!


Photos: Elisabeth Grill, RudiKainPhotography

© Bummelzug Gosau©Grill Elisabeth
Ein Traktor fährt mit einem Personenanhänger auf einer Forststraße auf den Berg.
© Aussichtsplattform
Auf einer Aussichtsplattform hoch über einem See befinden sich mehrere Personen. Im Hintergrund Berge.


Welcome on the treetops

At Traunsee it doesn’t take much to feel great. Those who still strive for something higher can take the Grünberg cable car and leave behind all too familiar things. Once you reach the top the treetop path is only the beginning. You will walk 1.4 kilometres on safe boards at a height of up to 21 metres above ground, in the middle of the treetops and enjoy the stunning view over Gmunden, the forest, the mountains and the lake. As an encore the 39-metres high observation tower and a 75-metres long tunnel slide are awaiting you. For the latter you should already be older than 6 years.


© Kanu
Ein Paar nähert sich in einem Kanu dem felsigen Ufer eines Sees an. Auf dem Felsen steht eine kleine Kapelle. Im Hintergrund Wald.


Alone at the lake

Seek and ye shall find. The romantic bay between Fürberg at the Wolgangsee and the Falkensteinwand. The real hurdle is that the way always takes you across the water. Once you have arrived you will feel like the chosen one(s) and enjoy not only the solitude but also the Caribbean colours of the lake.


© Hoisnradalm ©König
Mitten auf einer Bergwiese befindet sich eine Almhütte. Neben der Alm befindet sich ein großer Laubbaum. Im Hintergrund Berge.

Bad Ischl

Imperial Rise

Highnesses are at liberty to choose, even the hiking trails. That’s why Bad Ischl is proud of the Kaiser Jubiläumsweg. It was created in 1898 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph and ever since leads to the family-friendly Hoisnradalm in 1.5 hours. Those who want to discover the habitats of endangered species while hiking, can chose the “Naturlehrpfad” with its 12 digital information points. The path also starts at the Jubiläumsweg and has a length of 11 kilometres, duration: 4.5 hours. Afterwards you will be wiser and impressed by the nature in the Salzkammergut.


© Hallstatt Welterbeblick ©Husic
Mehrere Personen stehen auf der Aussichtsplattform Welterbeblick über Hallstatt. Im Hintergrund erstreckt sich der See und schließlich Berge.


Looking at world heritage

Sometimes all it takes to gain new perspectives is changing altitude. This is also the case with the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hallstatt. Once you have explored the town centre, you can choose to get a new superlative view. No matter whether you are sporty and equipped with sturdy shoes or prefer it comfortably and take the Salzbergseilbahn – the climb to 360 meters above the village is worthwhile. Here you will have your own spectacular entrance: at the “Skywalk” World Heritage View. When stepping onto the platform the majestic Dachstein massif builds up in front and Lake Hallstatt lies glittering at your feet. Seen in this light Hallstatt presents itself from a completely new side. And even if everything is 100% safe – a little thrill is surely added due to the height.


Gliding over glacier lakes

Experiencing what the ice needed millions of years for in only 80 minutes: crossing the Salza reservoir on a boat. Embedded between the mighty Grimming and the Kernetgebirge lies this fjord-like blue jewel in the middle of the nature reserve. Those who find their way from the nearby Bad Mitterndorf immediately feel the fascination of untouched beauty. Take a seat on board of a rustic wooden boat and explore the depths, waterfalls and romantic bays carved out by the glacier.


© Zillenfahrt Salza-Stausee ©Navia Schifffahrt
Eine Zille der Navia Schifffahrt fährt über den ruhig daliegenden Salza Stausee. Im Hintergrund erstreckt sich der See, der von Wäldern und Bergen umgeben wird.


© Wandern ©OÖ Tourismus
Zwei Wanderer stehen neben einer Hütte und begutachten eine Wanderkarte. Zu ihren Füßen liegt ein See.


The elixir of life

Not all water is the same. This can especially be noticed when you enjoy the excellent water quality of the Salzkammergut lakes. But what else is it capable of? The easiest way to find out is on foot when hiking in the Attersee Nature Park. At the “Wasser Roas” between Weyregg and the Bramosen you can learn station by station how many days it takes a drop of Attersee water to reach the Black Sea, why the Attersee suddenly turns turquoise blue in the summer months and how many juicy plums it takes to fill a shot glass with schnapps. And don’t forget to bring a bottle of water from the tourist office in Weyregg. Sip by sip the blue element gets a completely new meaning.


© Auf der Mondseer Hochalm ©TVB Mondsee-Irrsee/ Weinhäupl
Ein Paar spaziert durch einen Blumenwiese. Im Hintergrund Berge.


Find them all!

How to capture the natural aroma of a unique region? It is easy: just take the oldest nature reserve in the Salzkammergut, a little wanderlust and a smart app. All your senses will find themselves in an exciting kaleidoscope of fauna and flora worthy of protection. The smartphone only takes on the role of a clever companion who explains the sights in more detail - the natural curiosity remains your guide. By the way, in the Mondsee-Irsee region alone, over 1,200 plant species, 200 bird species, tens of thousands of insect species, mammals, mosses and shells have been found. How many can you find in one day?


© Almsommer
Drei Personen sitzen an einem reichlich gedeckten Tisch auf einer Alm und genießen ihre Jause. Sie stoßen gerade mit einem Bier an. Im Hintergrund Wald.


Hollerdrio on the alp

Fabulous 30 cultivated alpine huts and a 150 km long hiking trail network await you in the Fuschelsee region. Everything is possible here, from the easy circuit hike to the tingling jump into a mountain lake or to the challenging summit climb. The reward is always a culinary highlight from the regional cuisine: like Kasnocken, Kaspressknödel or Bauernkrapfen. At the Holleralmen you can toast to a successfully completed hike with fresh elderflower juice. Or treat yourself to one of the wonderful elder desserts before you move on. There is still so much to see in this beautiful area.