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Fünf Musiker der GimpelinselSaitenmusik stehen im Garten und spielen auf ihren Instrumenten.

Meeting in pleasure, in events and in culture...

... that is encounter in the summer freshness reloaded!

Autumn enjoyment in the holiday region Attersee-Attergau

Switch off, recharge up and enjoy the tranquility of nature! Get your head free during lake view hiking, develop fresh ideas with culinary autumn delicacies prepared with regional products and discover new perspectives during exclusive autumn activities. From 19 September 2021 to 31 October 2021, Attersee-Attergau region will be all about autumne.


Bauernherbst National motto 2021: “Outside in the Bauerngartl – colourful enjoyment, magical variety!”

It starts at 9. 45 a. m. with the festival on the festival stage under the 1000-year-old lime tree as well as the invasion of the local customs associations, a small brass group will frame the event.
The starting signal will then be at 11 a. m. with a tour of the festival followed by a concert by the traditional music band Faistenau on the festival stage.
Musical entertainment throughout the day is provided by a variety of folk music groups.
At the stands, demonstrations of old crafts and peasant art are shown, such as: knitting, pottery, carving, metalwork, monastic work, calculation. . .
Other program items, guided tour of the tailor farm garden, extensive children’s program, foot-kakln and much more.

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Pferdekutsche beim Bauernherbst in Faistenau

Almabtrieb in Gosau am Dachstein

Back from the summer freshness

After a long summer in the alpine pastures, the farmers are sure to return their horses and cows to the valley without accidents. This gratitude is celebrated every year at the traditional Almabtrieb, the end of the animal summer freshness.
This year the Almabtrieb will take place on 18 September 2021 at 1 pm on the Plankensteinalm and in the valley in the Moosalm. With musical entertainment and alpine pastures we welcome you to a cosy day in Gosau am Dachstein.

All further information can be found on our website at: ds. reisen/xyvXc

Almabtrieb on the Mayerlehenhütte

From 11:00 a. m. the music starts.
The cows are dressed up and decorated, then the march is in the valley.

ONLY in rainy weather.
The date of an alpine trip depends on the food on the alpine pasture, the weather and the rural life rhythm and can therefore be changed at short notice.

From the parking lot Lämmerbach in Hintersee you walk about 3/4 – 1 hour a well-signposted path to the Mayerlehenhütte on the Gruberalm. Follow the path no. 57.

"Traktoria" & autumn enjoyment at the Wolfgangsee

When the leaves turn into brightly coloured foliage in autumn, and when the emerald-green Wolfgangsee becomes the mirror of a dreamlike landscape – then autumn moves over the country. For many, autumn is the most beautiful time of year. Everything calms down, the temperature drops, the trees adorn themselves with a colorful dress. At Lake Wolfgangsee there is another special feature: the region is fog-free!

Hikes around the lake and to the surrounding alpine pastures offer great pleasure and revive body, mind and soul.

The alpine huts, snack stations and restaurants around Lake Wolfgang offer special culinary delights until the end of October. Traditional dishes from the regional cuisine are the focus.

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Event tip: The Wolfgangsee Tractoria from 17th – 18th September 2021

Friday, 17 September 2021:
from 2 p. m. : Meeting point and registration at the meeting place in Schwarzenbach (near red
Cross) ; Acceptance of launch documents
16:00 : Off-Road Skill Driving

Saturday, 18 September 2021:
8:30 Clock : Meeting point and registration at the meeting place in Schwarzenbach
9:30 Clock: Panorama exit via Schwarzenbach, Rußbch, Weinbach to the Gsthof “To watch”
11:00. : Lunch stop at the inn “To watch”
14:00 : Return trip to St. Wolfgang
15:30 Clock : Great Trak Parade
18:00 : “Refueling” – the feast for all who have diesel in their blood; Traktor-Tanzlmusi, Bratwurstl with sauerkraut and Stiegl beer in the marquee in Schwarzenbach

Children music festival

04. - 06. August 2021

It’s time again!
The children’s music festival St. Gilgen takes place from Wednesday, August 4th to Friday, August 6th 2021 in the Mozarthaus.

What’s on the program this year?
The Children’s Music Festival 2021 brings old acquaintances, new artists and exciting concerts filled with diverse music. At the beginning is the setting of the children’s book The stone soup. The actress Sarah Jeanne Babits tells of a hen and a wolf, of trust and concern, musically accompanied by violinist Anaïs Tamisier and guitarist Jonas Skielboe.
The Beethoven Year 2020 has unfortunately gone a bit, Beethoven also overslept his own anniversary. Georg Wacks and Christina Renghofer, who have already given us many beautiful concerts, tell us how he is planning his anniversary in 2021 himself.
A guest of the first hour is Marko Simsa, who this year leads into colorful sound worlds and organizes a cheerful Klezmer party.


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Wednesday, August 4, 11 a. m. The Stone Soup, Sarah Jeanne Babits, narrator, Anaïs Tamisier, violin, Jonas Skielboe Guitars, A production of Jeunesse

Thursday, August 5th, 11 a. The sleepy Beethoven, Georg Wacks, narrator, Christina Renghofer, piano,

Friday, August 6, 11 a. m. Marko Simsa’s Klezmer party, Marko Simsa with ensemble


Subject to change. For everyone between 5 and 99 years old!


To order tickets, call 01-479 23 24 or karten@kindermusikfestival. at


Details in brief:

Mozarthaus St. Gilgen

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Single tickets: Euro 12,-- Subscription for three events: Euro 33,--


For organisational reasons, please pre-book your tickets.

Mondseer Jedermann

The version of the mystery play, which was put into dialect by Franz Löser and approved by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, has been performed for 99 years on the Mondsee Frelichtbühne in Karlsgarten.
In the play, the rich farmer “Jedermann” is powerfully proud of his estate. He rejects his mother’s admonitions as ridiculous, and ridicules his poor neighbour and a poor woman for their poverty. He knows how to enjoy his wealth, almost every day he fights and celebrates with his supposed friends. But one day, suddenly and without warning, death comes up to him and asks him to come along. . .

Performance dates 2021 :
Sat, 24 July
Sat, 07 August
Sat, 14 August
Sat, 21 August
Beginning at 20:30 until approx. 22:15


Zur Veranstaltung

Imperial Days

06. - 18. August 2021

Around 18 August, Bad Ischl is dedicated to the birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Numerous festivities take place in the imperial city during this period.

With lots of charm, a little nostalgia and a healthy pinch of ironic entertainment, the Kaiserstadt serves a colourful cocktail of hospitable party mood around the Kaiserbirthday

the event

Summer in Bad Ischl

The cultural summer program is entering its second round! Events and program items from the previous year that were popular with locals and guests alike have been retained, refined and supplemented with new highlights. Famous classics such as theLehár Festival, the Kurmusik and the Imperial Days are framed byFriday evening music, theme Saturdays, summer cinema and Pirni’s dance evenings. All information about summer in Bad Ischl can be found HERE!

© BH-Heimatverein-Anmarsch-Holzhacker-©Fuschlseeregion
Der Heimatverein marschiert am Bauernherbst Hof auf

Bauernherbst in Hof bei Salzburg

The last weekend of August in Hof near Salzburg is marked by the farmer’s autumn, which takes place on Sunday, August 29, 2021. This year the festival takes place at Brunnenplatz next to the municipality. With children’s program, tombola and performances of the local club. New this year is not only the location but also the Mostbar, you can look forward to this and to real Austrian food. Of course, craftsmanship and musical accompaniment by the traditional music band must not be missing. 06:45 a. m. call to the work of the "Prangerstutzenschützen", 09:00 a. m. 10:30 barrel tapping.


The event

Musiktage Mondsee - Adieu, Auryn Quartett

27. August - 04. September

The Musiktage Mondsee is a chamber music festival with a top-class cast, which has been held in Mondsee since 1989 at the end of the summer. All information can be found at: www. musiktage-mondsee. at


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This year at the Mondsee Music Days, the Auryn Quartet will say “Farewell, Auryn Quartet, because the gentlemen of the Auryn Quartet are leaving the concert halls after their 40-year stage career and will play their final concerts in Mondsee.

The quartet is accompanied by musical friends and companions who come back to Mondsee for the occasion. Among them are outstanding musicians such as the viola player Tabea Zimmermann, the soprano Ruth Ziesak, the clarinetist Julian Bliss and the cellist Christian Poltéra.

Information, tickets and dates:

27 August - 4 September

Tel. +43 (0) 6232 22 70

(Mo. -Fr. 9:00-17:00)

info@musiktage-mondsee. at

www. musiktage-mondsee. at


Kultur mitten in der Stadt

From 11 to 14 August 2021, the church car park in the centre of Laakirchen will be transformed into an event area and offers a great alternative to the Laakirchner city festival with cabarets, music and more. In addition to great artists, Pizzera & Jaus is a real highlight on the program!


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Four days of cultural revitalization with a fun factor


The church car park will be transformed into an event area with a large stage and approx. 700 – 1000 seats for four days. “Our prevention concept has proven itself very well in the events we were able to hold last year. With assigned seats, we can keep the distance between the groups of visitors, manage the flow of visitors, carry out contact tracements, comply with hygiene regulations, etc”, says the head of the Cultural Office. Another advantage is that you are very flexible at this outdoor event. This allows the distances between the seats and rows to be varied. “The Cultural Committee and the Cultural Department have done everything possible to offer our Laakir residents and guests a great cultural alternative with great artists such as Tricky Niki, Pizzera & Jaus etc. in summer and to live up to the credo of our city – culture through diversity”, says Regina Hirschmann, Chairwoman of the Cultural Committee.




Wed. , 11. 08. 2021, 8 pm Cabaret with Eva Maria Marold “Vielseitig desinteressiert”

Eva Maria Marold is an actress, housewife, cabaret artist, singer, mother, author, presenter, mediator and dancer. Anyway, she’s versatile. Ticket prices Cat. A € 21,00 / cat. B € 19. 00


Thu. , 12. 08. 2021, 8 pm Cabaret with Omar Sarsam “Herzalarm”

The cabaret artist and pediatric surgeon convinces with grimaces, revils and his cheerfulness, with which he infects the audience and wins their hearts. Ticket prices Cat. A € 26. 00 / cat. B € 24. 00


Fri. , 13. 08. 2021, 8 pm Cabaret with Tricky Niki “Nikipedia”

Tricky Niki is not only one of the world’s best ventriloquists, he is also a great comedian, entertainer and magician who enthuses his audience. Ticket prices Cat. A € 26. 00 / cat. B € 24. 00


Sat. , 14. 08. 2021 8 pm Concert with Pizzera & Jaus “If you don’t want to feel, you have to listen”

We are delighted that we were able to win the probably most popular duo in Austria for Laakirchen, which will warm up the audience. Ticket prices Cat. A € 45,00 / Cat. B € 39. 00


Tickets are available in advance at the cultural department of the municipality of Laakirchen, tel. : (07 613) 8644 DW 311-313 and at www. oeticket. at.

More information is available at www. laakirchen. at


4-Day Pass: With the 4-Day Pass you get a 20% discount compared to the purchase of a single ticket. The passport is freely transferable. Seats remain the same at all events. Sale as long as the stock lasts (limited number)!

Lafe festival Mondsee

30. Juli - 01. August 2021

Three days and more than 40 artists – on Friday, July 30, 2021, the three-day annual Mondsee Lake Festival opens – an absolute highlight of the season in Mondsee.
Friday and Saturday inspire local and foreign bands – later this evening, DJs will be taking over the Mainstage for the first time.


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Sunday starts as usual with a cozy breakfast shop, a roast and a hearty flair. But also the smallest guests are offered a lot with the extensive Sunday children’s programme, the visit of various blue light vehicles and the sporting offer of various clubs.

As every year, the crowning finale is the large fireworks display on Sunday evening.


Detailed information is available at mondsee. salzkammergut. at/sommer/seefest-mondsee. html, or on Facebook at www. facebook. com/seefestmondsee


Tickets available at reservix. at or at the office of the TVB MondSeeLand.


ALL IMAGES © TVB Mondsee-Irrsee_Jonathan Graml

Electric Love Festival

This year there is a new format of the Electric Love Festival. - the “Electric Love Boutique Edition” takes place from 26th to 28th August. There are only one-day tickets available. International DJ’s invite you to an electronic party at the Salzburgring in the Fuschlseergion. The number of visitors is limited to a maximum of 10,000 per day.


In 2.5 hours from the main station in Vienna-Attersee. 

There are many reasons to travel to the Attersee by train.


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Enjoy not only a stress- and congestion-free journey to your vacation or day trip to Lake Attersee in the Salzkammergut, but also protect the environment in the process. 

In order to strengthen sustainable excursion tourism, especially to Lake Attersee, weekend traffic with connections every 2 hours between Kammer-Schörfling and Vöcklabruck has been reintroduced since December 2020. How to get comfortably from 2.5 hours from Vienna to the Attersee lake

© Zillenschifffahrt Fuschlseeregion @Hotel Ebner's Waldhof
Eine Zille mit der Aufschrift "Die Fuschlerin 2" in der mehrere Personen sitzen, gleitet über den spiegelglatten Fuschlsee. Im See spiegeln sich die Wolken und die Hügel, die den See umgeben.


Once across a lake

Surrounded by nature, green and harmony. This is exactly how you could describe a boat trip across the idyllic Fuschlsee. The wooden barge, which is called “Fuschlerin” is driven quietly by an electric motor and offers space for up to 20 people. Those who enjoy the region on a sunny day, well protected under the barges roof, know what the summer retreat feels like and are looking forward to a dive into the Fuschlsee. By the way, the “Fuschlerin” leaves from the legendary Hotel Ebner's-Waldhof.


© Bruckbacherhof ©Ablinger
Im Zentrum des Bildes steht ein gemauerter Hof. Im Vordergrund einen Blumenwiese. Im Hintergrund Wald.


All sorts of farm stories

At the Bio-Erlebnishof Bruckbacher the cycle of the year takes centre stage. That's why it always offers the right programme for young and old. For example, night walks through the Attersee Traunsee Nature Park, Indian camps or cooking courses on healthy, regional cuisine. If you only have a short amount of time, at least try some of the delicious organic dairy products.


© Ausseerland
Ein Paar frühstückt auf einer Plätte und wird in dieser von einem in Tracht gekleideten Mann über den See gefahren. Im Hintergrund erstreckt sich am Seeufer eine Villa und schließlich der Wald.


Breakfast on the lake

What the gondolas are for Venice, the flat-bottomed boats are for the Salzkammergut. Once, valuable salt was shipped to the cities across lakes and rivers. Today the precious cargo consists of happy guests and regional delicacies. At least in the morning at the Altausseersee - during the idyllic Plätten-breakfast.


© Pferdekutsche Bad Ischl ©Röbl
Eine in Tracht und mit Hut gekleidete Kutscherin steht neben ihren beiden Pferden.

Bad Ischl

In the emperor’s footsteps

82 of his 86 summers Emperor Franz Joseph spent in Bad Ischl. Therefore, it is no wonder that he immortalized himself in many places in the spa town. Alexandra Hödlmoser is a coachwoman by passion. On a horse-drawn carriage ride to the historical places of the past and present you will get to know many interesting facts. By the way, in 2024 Bad Ischl and the Salzkammergut are part of the cultural capital in Europe.


© Hallstatt Seestraße ©Husic
Das Bild zeigt die - typisch für Hallstatt - den Berg hinauf gebauten mit Holz verkleideten Häuser. Im Hintergrund die Felswand eines Berges.


A history lesson

How do you learn more about a UNESCO World Heritage Site? During a "Statt-Tour" through Hallstatt. Starting at the tourist office in the centre of the village you can experience and hike through living history on Saturday and Monday. Something you won't find on the Internet. Whether on land or water, at night or under a full moon, from far away or very close by - these alternative guided tours offer completely new impressions of the picturesque Hallstatt. This not only ensures a greater adventure and a more wide-ranging experience than most day visitors have but also the pictures taken during the tour will stand out from the crowd.


© Pilgerweg auf den Falkenstein
Mehrere Personen gehen einen Waldweg entlang. Im Hintergrund Wald und ein See.


Pilgrim magnet

St. Wolfgang was once one of the four most important pilgrimage sites in Europe. The values have shifted but the hype remains. Modern pilgrims walk from Mondsee Abbey to the Schafling and Falkenstein to the famous pilgrimage site at the lake, like Saint Wolfgang did in the past. The oldest pilgrimage path in Europe offers fantastic views on the blue-green lake. When arriving at the place of pilgrimage one should definitely – and perhaps even a little humbly – take a look at the church with its two altars: Michales Pacher’s winged altar from 1481 and Thomas Schwanthaler’s late gothic work from the 17th century.


© Waldness Waldschule ©Waldness
Auf der Treppe hinauf zu einer Hütte sitzen mehrere Personen. Einer hält ein Hirschgeweih in der Hand.


Bathing in a forest

The rustling of the leaves in the wind, the smell of fresh forest soil, the taste of wild strawberries. Much of what we have lost through an urban environment and lifestyle is gaining importance again. The conscious perception of our natural environment is also the focus of Fritz Wolf's forest pedagogy. In his WALDNESS® Programme you experience the forest in an intuitive and authentic way again involving all sense. The deceleration happens all by itself during the “forest bathing”. However, knowledge is not neglected either: in important teaching units awareness is raised for the preservation of nature and the responsible use of our resources in emphasised.