© Genuss am Almfluss ©Röbl
Im Zentrum befindet sich der klare Almfluss auf dem sich die Umgebung widerspiegelt. Im Hintergrund Bäume und schließlich Berge.

There is no tinsel in the Salzkammergut. Here everything is as it is: simple, natural, genuine. Just like the people who live here.

© Zeit statt Uhr
Eine Gruppe junger Leute sitz auf einem Steg am Ufer des Wolfgangsees. Ein Mädchen, dass sie gerade zur Gruppe setzt, trägt ein Dirndl. Im Hintergrund der See, Berge und der Ort St. Wolfgang. Auf dem Bild befindet sich der Text "Zeit statt Uhr - so ist Sommerfrische reloaded".
© Zillenschifffahrt Fuschlseeregion @Hotel Ebner's Waldhof
Eine Zille mit der Aufschrift "Die Fuschlerin 2" in der mehrere Personen sitzen, gleitet über den spiegelglatten Fuschlsee. Im See spiegeln sich die Wolken und die Hügel, die den See umgeben.


Once across a lake

Surrounded by nature, green and harmony. This is exactly how you could describe a boat trip across the idyllic Fuschlsee. The wooden barge, which is called “Fuschlerin” is driven quietly by an electric motor and offers space for up to 20 people. Those who enjoy the region on a sunny day, well protected under the barges roof, know what the summer retreat feels like and are looking forward to a dive into the Fuschlsee. By the way, the “Fuschlerin” leaves from the legendary Hotel Ebner's-Waldhof.


© Bruckbacherhof ©Ablinger
Im Zentrum des Bildes steht ein gemauerter Hof. Im Vordergrund einen Blumenwiese. Im Hintergrund Wald.


All sorts of farm stories

At the Bio-Erlebnishof Bruckbacher the cycle of the year takes centre stage. That's why it always offers the right programme for young and old. For example, night walks through the Attersee Traunsee Nature Park, Indian camps or cooking courses on healthy, regional cuisine. If you only have a short amount of time, at least try some of the delicious organic dairy products.


© Ausseerland
Ein Paar frühstückt auf einer Plätte und wird in dieser von einem in Tracht gekleideten Mann über den See gefahren. Im Hintergrund erstreckt sich am Seeufer eine Villa und schließlich der Wald.


Breakfast on the lake

What the gondolas are for Venice, the flat-bottomed boats are for the Salzkammergut. Once, valuable salt was shipped to the cities across lakes and rivers. Today the precious cargo consists of happy guests and regional delicacies. At least in the morning at the Altausseersee - during the idyllic Plätten-breakfast.


© Pferdekutsche Bad Ischl ©Röbl
Eine in Tracht und mit Hut gekleidete Kutscherin steht neben ihren beiden Pferden.

Bad Ischl

In the emperor’s footsteps

82 of his 86 summers Emperor Franz Joseph spent in Bad Ischl. Therefore, it is no wonder that he immortalized himself in many places in the spa town. Alexandra Hödlmoser is a coachwoman by passion. On a horse-drawn carriage ride to the historical places of the past and present you will get to know many interesting facts. By the way, in 2024 Bad Ischl and the Salzkammergut are part of the cultural capital in Europe.


© Hallstatt Seestraße ©Husic
Das Bild zeigt die - typisch für Hallstatt - den Berg hinauf gebauten mit Holz verkleideten Häuser. Im Hintergrund die Felswand eines Berges.


A history lesson

How do you learn more about a UNESCO World Heritage Site? During a "Statt-Tour" through Hallstatt. Starting at the tourist office in the centre of the village you can experience and hike through living history on Saturday and Monday. Something you won't find on the Internet. Whether on land or water, at night or under a full moon, from far away or very close by - these alternative guided tours offer completely new impressions of the picturesque Hallstatt. This not only ensures a greater adventure and a more wide-ranging experience than most day visitors have but also the pictures taken during the tour will stand out from the crowd.


© Pilgerweg auf den Falkenstein
Mehrere Personen gehen einen Waldweg entlang. Im Hintergrund Wald und ein See.


Pilgrim magnet

St. Wolfgang was once one of the four most important pilgrimage sites in Europe. The values have shifted but the hype remains. Modern pilgrims walk from Mondsee Abbey to the Schafling and Falkenstein to the famous pilgrimage site at the lake, like Saint Wolfgang did in the past. The oldest pilgrimage path in Europe offers fantastic views on the blue-green lake. When arriving at the place of pilgrimage one should definitely – and perhaps even a little humbly – take a look at the church with its two altars: Michales Pacher’s winged altar from 1481 and Thomas Schwanthaler’s late gothic work from the 17th century.


© Waldness Waldschule ©Waldness
Auf der Treppe hinauf zu einer Hütte sitzen mehrere Personen. Einer hält ein Hirschgeweih in der Hand.


Bathing in a forest

The rustling of the leaves in the wind, the smell of fresh forest soil, the taste of wild strawberries. Much of what we have lost through an urban environment and lifestyle is gaining importance again. The conscious perception of our natural environment is also the focus of Fritz Wolf's forest pedagogy. In his WALDNESS® Programme you experience the forest in an intuitive and authentic way again involving all sense. The deceleration happens all by itself during the “forest bathing”. However, knowledge is not neglected either: in important teaching units awareness is raised for the preservation of nature and the responsible use of our resources in emphasised.