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All about bikes

Basically yes. The gravel bike only has to be shouldered on 4 sections.

Stage 3: from the Zwölferhorn to the Illingerbahn.

Stage 9: between Almsee and Offensee, Offensee via Fahrnau to Ebensee, Ebensee via Windlegern to Langbathsee.

Due to the long and steep descents on partly washed-out ground, it is not advisable to ride a trekking bike (tires and brake system) and definitely not a city bike.

Even if large parts of the route run on forest roads and asphalt paths, it is only advisable to use it with a mountain bike.

Of course that is possible. Please note, however, that motor support was used for the times given.


Charge the battery

In cooperation with Bosch, we have made 400 "Fast Chargers" available throughout the Salzkammergut. Of course there are other charging points. You can find these on the following page. Compatible with Active Line, Active Line Plus, Cargo Line, Performance Line, Performance Line CX

Charging stations

All time and distance information was calculated on the basis of the individual riding weight (120 kg - each own weight, backpack, eMTB) and a 500 Wh battery.

For a couple, we recommend at least one reserve battery, which can be replaced if necessary on the bike with the lowest battery level.

Unfortunately, no general statement can be made here, since many points are reflected in the calculation: How old is the battery, how often has it been charged, with which charger, what is the temperature, how heavy is the equipment?

Bosch range calculator

Route/path condition

The entire route was not designed to take the shortest route, but to the most beautiful places. There are places to stop and rest everywhere.


Asphalt defines the paths around bike paths or secondary roads. Road, on the other hand, runs along a path on a busy car road.


We try to show all redirects in the different forms as well as possible. Unfortunately, we are dependent on the feedback of all users. If you are unsure about a possible block, it is best to get information from one of our information offices in the Salzkammergut.

information office



Long and/or steep routes or with such route sections. Route characteristics even more difficult and dangerous than routes of medium difficulty; Mountain bike equipment and mountain bike riding technique is mandatory; situation-adapted, anticipatory driving is required. We have created a table that better represents all classifications.

Before the tour

The route runs 55% on forest roads and dirt roads, 44% on asphalt and 1% on trail surface.


We would advise against riding with saddlebags (braking distance or uphill pushing distance) and particularly recommend using a suitable bike backpack with back protector and battery compartment.


Basically yes. The same planning criteria based on condition, weight, battery range... must be taken into account.

Before the tour

In principle, the paths are also passable in the rain. In extreme weather conditions (storm, heavy rain, thunderstorm) we advise against driving due to the mountain location.




There are three options for navigation.

  • Download GPX on our homepage
  • Use of OutdoorActive and komoot
  • Map at a scale of 1:90 000 in conjuncition with the on-site signage

Detours due to forest damage etc. can currently be found on our homepage under the respective stage.

Yes, the eTrail has its own map with the most important information at a scale of 1:90,000.

Order form

Due to different calculation systems, the altitude information is different in some devices and apps. The height information in OutdoortActive or on our homepage corresponds to the facts. If you cannot read your GPX data, convert the data into a file you can use. (KML...)

OutdoortActive 10 stages

It is best to use the app, which compares the data throughout Austria.

BergeSeen Pass

From spring 2021 you can get the BergeSeen Pass from any information office in the Salzkammergut, but we can also send you one.

BergeSeen Pass

You can also follow your personal challenge digitally. Use SummitLynx for this.


Rental/Guided Tours

For safety reasons we recommend:

  • retractable seat post
  • sufficient brake pads
  • Bosch motor (due to the Bosch charging points)
  • from 100 mm spring travel front and rear
  • Fully bike with high battery capacity

You can hire in the many rental shops and in numerous hotels.

Wheel specialists

The advantages of a guided tour in addition to the technical service (plates ...) are also the background information about the region, which you will learn from a local guide.

Wheel specialists

Of course that is possible. Our partner companies and travel agencies will be happy to help you.



The two companies Salzkammergut Touristik (for the entire region) and Fuschlsee Tourismus for the eastern Salzkammergut are partners for the BergeSeen eTrail.

Please note that this service is always offered with a travel booking with an overnight stay.

There are a number of taxi companies throughout the Salzkammergut. Please find attached a list.

When ordering, please provide the minimum information:

  • how many wheels?
  • Are the wheels dirty?
  • what kind of wheels?

Taxi companies


Please use these hashtags

  • #visitsalzkammergut
  • #bergeseen
  • #sommerfrische

BergeSeen Contest

Get a BergeSeen Pass at one of the information offices. After stamping the 10 stages, send us the completed BergeSeen Pass. As a first reward, we will send you our unique BergeSeen Trail bell and at the end of the cycling season, a 2-night holiday in a 4* hotel in the Salzkammergut and 2 KTM eBike Fullys (for holidays and at home) will be raffled among all participants .



Emergency service

Basically there are 2 numbers:

  • Mountain rescue   140
  • Euro emergency call    112