© Vorbereitung vor einer Bike-Tour (c) Salzkammergut - K. Kerschbaumer
Zwei Mountainbiker halten an einem Wegweiser. Im Hintergrund eine kleine Brücke über einen Bach und Wald.

Recommended Todo-List before the Tour

In order to ensure an unique experience in the nature full of joy.


  • All trails are pathes or roads which might be used by pedestrians as well as from other vehicles.
  • The stages are well passable with a suitable eMTB. We must advise against the use of hybrid and city bikes.
  • All indications for time or distance are based on an individual weight (120 kilogram - the own weight, backpack, eMTB) and calculated by 500 Wh.



  • The weather conditions shall be checked necessarily in advance of starting the tour.
  • A "reverse planning" helps you to schedule the ideal time for your start: 16:00 at the aim  (absolute running time + 1,5h stop+ 1h pictures & break+ 1h reserve) 
  • Check the status of your battery before the start of the tour
  • Also check the brake linings and pads the night before 
  • Before you start your adventure make sure that there are no roadblocks on your tour due to storm damages or works in the forest
  • If you just have only one battery, you will have to plan your charging points very carefully or take care of  your way of driving.



    • A vario-seat post implies a mulitple comfort and safety
    • An easy gear with a high pedal frequency increases the reach
    • Mangement of the batteries for couples (3 batteries, 1 battery charger)
    • A well lubricated chain also increases the reach
    • Going up a hill with more than 14 km/h reduces significantly the reach of the battery, better a smooth gear in the EMTB-Mode or Sport-Mode below 10 km/h
    • Trainings for driving technique increase the safety and at the same time the fun factor



    The ideal tire pressure represents a significant influence regarding comfort, traction and risks of accidents: As less as possible, as much as necessary. 

    The modern high-quality tires are loosing performance at a pressure of 2 bar and onwards.  Generally the range varies between 1,4 and 2 bar. Exception: Bikers with a weight of more than 90 kg. At the fronttire about 0,2 Bar less than the backtire.


    Advices for the ideal equipment

    All of the stages are considered as long and demanding tours, where you will have to deal with a certain amount of meters in hight.


    • Helmet with an adjustable visor
    • Bike gloves
    • Backpack with space for an extra battery and preferable with protectors
    • Waterproof jacket and windbreaker also with good weather conditions
    • Replacement hose, bicycle pump and tire lever
    • First-aid kit
    • Snacks and sufficient water or other liquids
    • Enough clothes to change
    • Arm and leg warmes for spring/autumn
    • Second battery or battery charger



    • GPS-device for an easier orientation, although the tour is well signposted
    • Camera or mobile phone with a full battery
    • Bicycle bell
    • Spare pair of brake pads 
    • Headlights (Attention: Note the permitted timetable driving through forest areas by evenings and early mornings)
    • Chain oil
    • Knee protectors
    • Platform pedals

    Difficulty levels for mountain bikes
    and e mountain bikes

    Easy – blue

    Rather short and not too steep routes. Good road surface; no special danger zones; family-friendly; requires basic knowledge of driving technique.

    Of medium difficulty – red

    Medium-length routes with some steeper sections. Road conditions require mountain bike equipment; with unclear, winding sections; requires advanced knowledge of driving technique; includes exposed, unsecured sections.

    Difficult – black

    Long and/or steep routes or routes with such sections. Route characteristics even more difficult and dangerous than on routes of medium difficulty; mountain bike equipment and driving technique is obligatory; anticipatory driving adapted to the situation is required.

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    table of the mountainbiking difficulty range, for eMTB and MTB, including lenght, altitiude and gradient
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