© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Nicole Kubiak: A young couple enjoys the sunset at the small Schönberg.
A young couple enjoys the sunset at little Schönberg

Running in the Salzkammergut

There are many ways to discover the Salzkammergut - one sporting option is running. Whether in summer or winter, by the lake, in the forest or on the mountain... Running enthusiasts are sure to find the right route. Put on your running shoes and explore the wonderful landscape of the Salzkammergut at a running pace.


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The Salzkammergut with its healthy air, scenic beauty and diverse nature is made for running. Whether alone, in pairs or in a group; varied trails make running here an entertaining pleasure.

© ©Tourism AssociationDanubeUpperAustriaPhilippReiter Trailrunning Challenge 2021, Day 3, Trail runners at the Burgstallblick in Kirchberg

Why run?


  • Running gives you more energy and improves your athletic performance.
  • Running is perfect to think and distract from everyday problems and stress.
  • It can improve the quality of sleep.
  • Best of all, it strengthens the immune system.
  • It strengthens the heart, lungs, bones, joints and improves digestion.
  • Running triggers happy hormones and gives incredible self-confidence.

No matter how slow you run - you beat everyone who stays home!


Trend sport Nordic Walking

The happy medium between walking and running - that's Nordic Walking. An endurance sport to get fit, stay fit and enjoy. The Salzkammergut with its healthy air, scenic beauty and diverse nature is made for Nordic walking. Whether alone, in pairs or in a group: while walking you also have time to look, chat and experience.


The perfect endurance sport

Especially from a medical point of view Nordic Walking is highly recommended, as it is a perfect cardiovascular workout. The speed can be adjusted to the individual fitness, and the use of the poles also trains the muscles of the upper body. Nordic Walking is therefore equally suitable for ambitious athletes as for untrained or convalescent people. The right technique is learned quickly, and no complicated or expensive equipment is needed.

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Exercise in beautiful surroundings

The beauty of Nordic Walking: it's fun! The beauty of the Salzkammergut: the incomparable beauty of nature. The Salzkammergut has a particularly scenic, varied and well-signposted network of routes with varying degrees of difficulty, which can of course also be used to good effect for hiking and running.