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© Lederhosen ©TVB Bad Ischl
Fünf Männer stehen in Tracht in einem Kreis auf einer Wiese in den Bergen. Alle Tragen Stutzen und Lederhosen.

The Archduke leather pants


The Salzkammergut cultivates charming traditions. Whether hat, dirndl or leatherpants - in the lake region in the heart of Austria traditional costume is a highly valued commodity.



Also at Peter Ahamer. For over 35 years, the sacking master in Ebensee has been producing leather trousers as used by Archduke Johann. They are appreciated both in New York and at home. If you want a "noisy", you must have some patience and the ready: The waiting period for a pair of pants is currently at seven years, the average price at 5,500 euros.

"There is a lot of love in every pant"

"My leather pants are made with love and heart," says Peter Ahamer, who took over the business founded in 1932 in Ebensee by his father 35 years ago. Each year, Ahamer and his colleague Rudolf Daxner make up to ten seven-pronged Erzherzog Johann trousers, whose green embroidery pattern dates back to the 18th century. The Habsburg Johann of Austria (1782-1859) was often in his summer resort in the Salzkammergut, his wife, the postmaster daughter Anna Plochl, came from Bad Aussee. "Archduke Johann has made the Lederhosen acceptable," says Ahamer. Today, such pants come on average to 5,500 euros, and who wants one, must be patient: "We currently have orders until the year 2018."

100% handmade

It pays off to wait for the "leathers". For an Archduke Johann pants with their long, slim tubes and three, five or seven seams, only high-quality, tanned suede is processed - and spent a lot of time on the production: up to 130 working hours stuck in the pants of deer, chamois - or rhea leather. "The hardest thing is embroidery," says Ahamer, because it requires accuracy and patience. "You have to make very small stitches. Fast and fine - that does not work. "Ahamer has up to 90 hours of embroidery on a seven-pronged pair of pants. The art of leather embroidery, which requires not only dexterity but also strength and robust hands, he has learned from his father. Internationally esteemed Star photographers from New York as well as locals in the entire Salzkammergut wear Lederhosen from Ebensee. "People come to us who did not even know that Upper Austria exists," says Ahamer. In addition to his Archduke Johann pants, classic bib and door pants, Ahamer also produces slit pants. "They are very much supported by the ladies." Even he owns a short, 30-year-old leather pants. "Many pants are inherited. That's what makes it so special. "In the middle of the Salzkammergut Peter Ahamer's leather workshop is located in Ebensee on Lake Traunsee in the middle of the Salzkammergut and can be visited by appointment (Marktgasse 42, Tel .: 061 33/66 93, E-Mail: office @ leather-ahamer. at).

Craft, Hats, clothes

Craft businesses that produce traditional products can be found throughout the Salzkammergut. Bad Aussee, for example, is home to the oldest hat manufacturer in Europe - founded in 1532 and known for its Styrian hats - and in Gmunden the famous green-ornate Gmundner pottery has been produced for over 100 years. Selected craftsmanship quality companies of the Salzkammergut present themselves in the "Hand.Werk.Haus Salzkammergut" in Bad Goisern, where a lovingly designed G'schäft also invites you to look, marvel and buy.

Autorin: Maria Schoiswohl