© Eva Schneider ©Salzkammergut
Die Konditorin zeigt auf eine Torte. Im Hintergrund Arbeitsutensilien.
Die Konditorin zeigt auf eine Torte. Im Hintergrund Arbeitsutensilien.

When you enter...

...Eva Schneider's bakery, you are greeted by a good-humored master confectioner who has turned her passion into her profession.

Surrounded by the finest scent of chocolate, the native of Fuschl creates the finest chocolates, fancy cakes, cookies and many more delicacies that can be conjured from the cocoa bean in her in-house bakery.

© Pralinen ©Salzkammergut
Pralinen in verschiedenen Ausführungen in dekorativer Verpackung.

Eva discovered her passion...

...for baking at a very young age, helping her mother when it came to creating Christmas cookies for the family. The apprenticeship as a confectioner at the former Dallmann confectionery in St. Gilgen, was the beginning of her professional path into the world of sweet treats.

15 years ago, she proved once again that she had mastered her craft when she held the master confectioner's certificate in her hands. Four years ago, Eva finally fulfilled her dream of having her own bakery and has been conjuring her masterpieces in Fuschl am See ever since.

© Eva Schneider Auszeichnung ©Salzkammergut
Die Konditorin präsentiert ihren Meisterbrief.

The sense...

...for her specialty - pralines - was taught to her by her uncle in Switzerland, from whom she also received the recipes that are still in use today.

The regionality of her creations is not only reflected in the ingredients, such as the gin from Koppl, the flour from the Hochmühle Plainfeld or the milk from the SalzburgerLand, but also in the recipes, some of which come from her grandmother. You will taste the Salzkammergut in all her masterpieces.

© Kaffee ©Salzkammergut
Auf einem Backpapier sind Kaffeebonen und Pralinen zu sehen.

The passion for her craft...

...allows Eva to prepare the cream for her bestseller, the chocolate raspberry cake, by instinct, thus setting the sweet chocolatey components in symbiosis with the fruity raspberries and conjuring a taste experience that makes gourmet hearts beat faster.

The master confectioner makes cakes according to the wishes of the customers or you can let yourself be surprised by what is inside her works of art.

© Torte ©Salzkammergut
Eine Torte mit einer 8 als Motiv liegt auf der Arbeitsplatte.

The native of Fuschl...

...gets her inspiration from the mountains of the Salzkammergut region and incorporates this creativity into her delicacies, which delight not only locals but also tourists and are often taken home as souvenirs - provided they survive the journey there without already being eaten.

On her social media channels, Facebook and Instagram, you can contact Eva and get an insight into her diverse assortment, as well as place an order, from which the pastry chef will conjure a delicacy that will enchant you from the very first bite.

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