© Mondseer Hochalm © TVB Mondsee-Irsee/Valentin Weinhäupl
Ein Mann und eine Frau laufen lachend die Wiese entlang.

Fortunately there is the Salzkammergut

Lucky places are unique places that, due to their unforgettable beauty and natural splendor, trigger an inner feeling of complete satisfaction. However, happiness is always in the eye of the person looking at a happy place.

Happiness lies within us and the happiness within us is reflected by beautiful things. Especially beautiful places, where distinctly perceptible energies are noticeable, lead us a little closer to our inner state of happiness, which inspires. The journey to the places of happiness in the Salzkammergut can be understood as a journey to oneself. But also those who have already found themselves completely are led by the places to inner peace and inner balance.

Quite clearly nature presents all its charms in the Salzkammergut. The wide meadows in the foothills of the Alps, 76 lakes, natural rivers and brooks, lovely pastures and the impressive limestone massifs of Dachstein Mountain, Tote Gebirge Mountain Range, Sengsen- and Höllengebirge Mountain Ranges are all full of contrasts and offer plenty of inspiration.

Many people come to visit the numerous high-energy Places of Happiness that inspire to take a break and recharge with life energy. Happiness is a state of inner strength and balance and they assist us in exploring the self and taking responsibility.

© Wasserfall-Tauplitz © TVB-Ausseerland/Tom Lamm
Luftaufnahme auf Wasserfall im Wald.

Cultural and Sacral Places

The knowledge of the energy of the places…

Sacral places are today often the sites of Christian landmarks like churches, monasteries, chapels or wayside shrines. Christians often used spots that were already used by older cultures for special or holy ceremonies. Monasteries and churches were often built on the ruins of Roman foundations. This way the knowledge of the energy of some spots has been handed down over the centuries and it was used for monuments.

Mythical Places

Recognize power and mysticism...

Today it is mostly the old people that have knowledge of mythical places. They in turn received this knowledge from their ancestors who told them the exciting and eerie stories. When we get to such places it is firstly difficult to say what is special about them. But when we learn of the old stories we can aided by our fantasy recognize the power and mysticism of these places.

Nature Spots

Exceptionally beautiful scenery...

On these spots we can almost always enjoy exceptionally beautiful scenery. An impressive tree, a fascinating course of a river or a touching view are examples of nature spots. The interplay of the four elements of air, earth, fire and water can also be observed on nature spots. When these four elements are experienced in balance a special harmony is created on these spots.