Activities in the Salzkammergut

Joie de vivre. Three words, many interpretations. Is it the jump in the crystal-clear sea in the morning? The break by the summit and enjoy the indescribably beautiful view of the mountain landscape? Strolling through the charming villages with his loved ones? When you put the sticks in the snow and you soon feel the powder snow flare up? The hot punch in your hands in one of the charming Advent villages or the culinary facets that pamper the palate? Joie de vivre is much, much is the Salzkammergut!

Experience the summer in the Salzkammergut

Experience the Salzkammergut the whole year

Experience the winter in the Salzkammergut

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Eine Frau genießt eine Tasse Tee im winterlichen Umfeld.

Winter experience
at the Salzkammergut

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