Who's afraid of the black man? It's a gruesomely beautiful spectacle when hundreds of Krampus gather for an exhibition run through the alleys. Krampuses with long horns, frightening ugly masks, rattling chains and loud bells and bells run in droves through the streets, making noise and astonishing and perhaps frightening the audience. In any case, it is a unique experience that has a long tradition in the Salzkammergut.


© Krampus ©TVB Traunsee-Almtal
Im Zentrum des Bildes steht ein Krampus mit seiner furchteinflößenden Maske mit langen Hörnen sowie zotteligem schwarzem Fell.

In Hallstatt...

...on December 5th, at nightfall, there is a wild hustle and bustle when the Krampusse are up to their nasty tricks on the market square.

Even in Ausseerland they are on the move, the evil as well as the good spirits. Every year on 5 December, dark figures in traditional costumes pass through the darkness in Tauplitz, Pichl-Kainisch and Bad Mitterndorf and perform traditional Nicolò games. Peculiar figures like the "Haberngoaß" or the "Schab" wrapped in straw belong to the custom and offer an impressive picture.

The highlight...

... takes place on 7 December in Bad Goisern. More than 800 frightening figures with eerily beautiful, mostly hand-carved masks and shaggy robes march through the town centre and swing their long rods - a Krampus spectacle to watch, fear and celebrate with.