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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The salt water pipeline route from Bad Ischl to Hallstatt is closed until further notice. The committing is life-threatening, as trees and stones keep falling on the path!
Weitwanderweg Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut BergeSeen Trail

– a unique long-distance trail from lake to lake.

Many prominent figures have explored this region: nobles like Archduke Johann and Empress Elisabeth, scientists such as Friedrich Simony, poets and authors like Nikolaus Lenau, painters like Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, musicians and composers such as Johannes Brahms.

Did they ever think that hiking in the Salzkammergut might have no end?

That they could tramp from one lake to the next and then onward to yet another? Day by day along the shores of crystal-clear waters?
Week-long excursions through quiet valley forests, over sunny alpine meadows and up mountains fuelled by the anticipation of the next destination?

Salzkammergut Infocenter

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Weitwanderweg Salzkammergut


The Salzkammergut BergeSeen Trail connects people in a special way

CHRI4TINA - this is Christina Herbst's motto for the coming weekend

On 12.07.2020, Christina, the multi-sportswoman from Bad Ischl, starts with a special project: She wants to master the Salzkammergut BergeSeen Trail, which originally leads through the Salzkammergut in 20 daily stages, in only seven days and all this for a good cause. Her training partner and friend Tina, who has been completely paraplegic since an accident in 2007, but who was not discouraged by this fate and thus discovered wheelchair tennis for herself, wants to fulfil her great wish of the Paralympics.


However, this is a great challenge, as there are ongoing costs for the procurement of materials and international tournaments that require a considerable entry fee in order to qualify for the Paralympics.

And this is where Christina wants to help: On her way through the Salzkammergut she will cover 327km and 14662 meters of altitude difference and wants to collect donations for every completed kilometer or stage, starting from 10 cents to €10,00 up to any amount you want to donate Christina and her training partner.

The stages

The two athletes have been training together for three years now and have been learning basic things from each other, not only in terms of training progress, but also for life. While Christina supports Tina in improving her whole body tension, flexibility, strength and speed, the multi-athlete learns from her friend what it means to sit in a wheelchair, to be confronted with prejudices and limitations and to always keep the courage and will to pursue her own dreams.

Christina will start her trail on Saturday, 12.07.2020 at 07:00 am in front of the Trinkhalle in Bad Ischl and then master the Salzkammergut BergeSeen Trail in seven days counter-clockwise and thus arrive back in Bad Ischl on Saturday, 18.07.2020 or at the latest on Sunday, 19.07.2020, according to the athlete's wish.

This is a special project that connects people with each other and confronts Christina and her training partner Tina with new challenges that have to be mastered together.


Donate account:

AT48 1500 0001 6120 6651


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"Bugs and Bears" are hiking the Salzkammergut

The BergeSeen Trail attracts countless visitors year after year. Even Doris and Matthias from "Bugs and Bears" did not miss the chance to experience the hiking flagship of the Salzkammergut with all their senses. What they experienced, where they were exactly and when the "Wadeln" started to burn, you see in the video!