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© Picknick am Wasser ©OÖTourismus/ Robert Maybach
Ein Gruppe picknickt am Ufer eines Sees. Drei Personen sitzen bereits am Ufer während eine Dritte gerade im See steht. Der Picknickplatz ist von Bäumen umgeben. Im Hintergrund der See, Wald und Berge.

long distance hiking trail

The Salzkammergut BergeSeen Trail
- a unique long-distance trail
from lake to lake

Just take your backpack, lace up your hiking boots and head out into nature.

With mountains as places of power, with lovely lakes that give nature depth, energy filling stations for the soul and pure pleasure for the eye - a feel-good experience for body, soul and spirit.

The unique combination of mountains and lakes in the Salzkammergut is what makes the BergeSeen Trail a special experience.

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A couple walk on the mountain.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The salt water pipeline route from Bad Ischl to Hallstatt is closed until further notice. The committing is life-threatening, as trees and stones keep falling on the path!

Altitude profile of 20 classical stages

Weitwanderweg Salzkammergut
Weitwanderweg Salzkammergut

Collect your outdoor achievements and hiking pins with SummitLynx

Along the BergeSeen Trail you will not only find picturesque views, refreshing lakes and culinary delights, but also friendly alpine pasture hosts, helpful people who know their way around the area and good-humored hikers.

With the hiking pins ambitiuos hikers can put their successes and memories of these highlights on record.

Thus, the tour along the BergeSeen Trail is not only an unforgettable trip, but also a personal experience of success connected with many memorable moments.

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© SummitLynx
Eine Hand hält ein Smartphone. Auf dem Display ist die Wandernadel zum BergeSeen Trail zu sehen.

"Bugs and Bears" are hiking the Salzkammergut

The BergeSeen Trail attracts countless visitors year after year. Even Doris and Matthias from "Bugs and Bears" did not miss the chance to experience the hiking flagship of the Salzkammergut with all their senses. What they experienced, where they were exactly and when the "Wadeln" started to burn, you see in the video!