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Aus der Vogelperspektive sind zwei Radfahrer zu sehen, die gerade auf einer Straße, die direkt am Seeufer verläuft, unterwegs sind. Auf dem Bild befindet sich der Text "echt statt #nofilter - so ist Sommerfrische reloaded".

Those who think they know the Salzkammergut should check out another one of the 67 marvellous lakes.



Im Vordergrund befindet sich eine Blumenwiese. Im Zentrum befindet sich ein Forstweg auf dem gerade zwei Mountainbiker bergab unterwegs sind. Im Hintergrund erstreckt sich ein Wald und davor sind mehrere kleine Hütten. Der Text "Erlebnis statt Rekord - so ist Sommerfrische reloaded" befindet sich ebenso am Bild.
© Tauchen im Attersee
Ein Taucher springt von einem Steg aus in voller Montur in einen See. Ein weiterer Taucher befindet sich schon im Wasser. Im Hintergrund Berge.



The summer retreat radiates under water too. To experience this newcomers exchange their mountain boots for flippers and go “hiking with diving goggles” in the Gimbach. When snorkelling in the rivers Ager and Traun a 100% fish-experience is guaranteed. Diving professionals from all over Europe dive into the depths of the Attersee because they know that, thanks to the geological conditions, one can see up to 30 meters on a sunny day – and that without any artificial light.

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Ein Surfer nimmt gerade eine eine Welle. Im Hintergrund Bäume.


The number one

Since this spring you can surf the biggest river wave in Europe in Ebensee. “The Wave”, as it is called, is controlled by two genius hydraulic metal flaps and it even takes on sea waves. Our tip: book a 3-hour basic course and start surfing.

© Canyoning ©SLT/ Grössinger
Ein Mann ausgestattet mit Neoprenanzug und Helm taucht gerade aus dem Wasser auf. Im Hintergrund Felsen.


In the wild nature

Adventurers and experts are drawn to Ebenau for canyoning. The exciting half-day tour into the 2.7 kilometre long Strubklamm starts there. With well-trained guides you will descend from rocks to cliffs and ice-cold ponds while the waterfalls next to and below you are rushing by. Nothing for scaredy-cats but brilliant for those who want to feel the power of nature.

© SUP Yoga Weiße Taube Mondsee ©TVB Mondsee-Irrsee
Vier Personen befinden sich auf je einem SUP auf dem Mondsee. Sie betreiben Yoga auf den SUPs. Im Hintergrund am Seeufer mehrere Häuser und schließlich Berge.


Sun salutation on water

Real yogis do not go on vacation, they only change their place of relaxation. In the Salzkammergut summer retreat yoga definitely plays an important role. Courses are offered nearly everywhere and at all levels. In front of dreamlike sceneries – that goes without saying. At the Mondsee you can even get into position on SUP boards in the middle of the lake under guidance. This way an OM becomes an Ohhhhhhh!

A really good run

Those who are on their way to the Wolfgangsee absolutely shouldn’t forget to pack their running shoes. Not because one has to walk so much here but because one is allowed to walk and run all around the lake and that with a great and idyllic view. In addition to the perfectly prepared and maintained network of cycle paths - if you are interested, please ask at the tourist office for the BIKE THE LAKE programme - 11 fantastic routes are waiting for those who love to move. There is something for every level – from beginners to experienced and well-trained runners. All of them are united by the fortune of being in one of the most beautiful landscapes.

© Wandern mit Familie bei Strobl am Wolfgangsee ©ÖW/ Stiphout
Eine Familie wandert über ein Feld bergauf. Ein junges Mädchen führt die Restlichen munteren Schrittes an. Im Hintergrund Berge und der Wolfgangsee.


© Gradierwerk ©EurothermenResort Bad Ischl
Ein Paar sitzt in einem Becken der Therme Bad Ischl. Das Wasser um sie herum sprudelt und blubbert.

Bad Ischl

Bathing in salt

What once was beneficial to the mother of Emperor Franz Joseph is beneficial to us today as well: swimming and relaxing in the water of Bad Ischl. Salt and brine pamper skin and soul and those who also take the time for therapy support their body in healing and recovering. The famous Eurotherme lures with its 36° warm thermal pool and in addition with many wellness and beauty offers. The surrounding hotels offer true gems for a modern recreational holiday. For example a rooftop pool at Hotel Royal or an 800 m2 wellness and sauna area at Vital Resort Villa Seilern.

© Krippenstein Dachstein ©Husic
Ein Paar Wanderer steht am Gipfel eines Berges und bewundert den gegenüberliegenden Berggipfel.


By gondola to the sunrise

Rarely are you greeted so excitingly beautiful in the morning as you are at the highest mountain of the Salzkammergut. The magical moment when the darkness lifts during the gondola ride and pink rays of sunlight shine down from the roof of the "Stoan", immerses the guests in a truly breathtaking atmosphere. Those who are not so fond of the morning hour can choose a romantic full moon ride up the Krippenstein. Or another offer from the unique Obertraun mountain experiences. The main thing is to once again get a taste of glacier air.

© Fischer ©TVB Ausseerland-Salzkammergut/ Pirker
Drei Fischer befinden sich auf einem Boot mitten auf einem See. Im Hintergrund Berge.


The catch of a lifetime

Where there is water there is life. Most of the time this is can be observed above the water surface. But the experienced angler knows better: in a region with many large and small lakes and waters the fish is never far away – even though it might be a master in hiding. As food it embellishes city coats of arms and dinner plates, as a trophy it can be found on the walls of one or the other hut. Therefore, anyone with a valid license and a little patience is guaranteed some exciting hours in nature. Because no matter whether one is an indigenous, a professor or even a tailor – at the end of the day one truth awaits: the luck to be able to enjoy untouched nature up close cannot be caught. It comes to you swimming.