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Winterpanorama Salzkammergut

In the Salzkammergut you can easily … ski

Krippenstein ©OÖ-Tourismus/Himsl

Salzkammergut a skiers paradise

The Salzkammergut is a skier’s paradise. It offers the perfect surrounding for all kinds of wintertime activities. Away from the biggest Austrian ski areas, the holiday region in the middle of Austria has become a popular destination as it offers a slowed down skiing experience.  Guaranteed snow, modern ski lifts and aerial trams are the recipe for relaxation and fun with the whole family. Skiers of all different levels can ski in eight ski areas that offer approximately 300 kilometers of slopes. Children, youths, intermediate and demanding skiers of all ages can equally experience the benefits of the Salzkammergut. To top it all off, the Salzkammergut provides picturesque panoramas and a symbiosis between nature and sports.

Above all the Salzkammergut offers the perfect conditions for other trendy forms of skiing as well: e.g. you can freeride ski down the powder slopes of mount Krippenstein or go on a ski tour up mountain Katrin. To top it off you can stop by at several cosy huts to treat yourself to some fine food. Here you can experience the unique charm of this region in all its facets - far away from the hustle and bustle of après ski.


Three Austrian states – one experience

The ski resorts of the Salzkammergut are located in three different Austrian states: Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria. Approximately 300 kilometers of pistes, guaranteed snow and fantastic panoramas are tailor-made for the whole family to enjoy themselves. Thanks to the great variety of pistes the expectations of all skiers – from very beginners to more advanced skiers and even professionals – are being met. To complete the perfect skiing experience the ski areas grant fantastic views down into the valleys and onto the lakes of the Salzkammergut. If you love sports, the skiing areas have even more to offer: well-equipped ski rentals and skiing schools will provide you with the best equipment and prepare you for your (next) skiing adventure.



Ausseerland SalzkammergutArray5 °C14 °C
Dachstein SalzkammergutArray8 °C13 °C
AtterseeArray7 °C9 °C
Mondsee - IrrseeArray7 °C15 °C
AlmtalArray6 °C12 °C
WolfgangseeArray8 °C15 °C
TraunseeArray7 °C10 °C
Bad IschlArray8 °C13 °C
FuschlseeregionArray6 °C14 °C
AttergauArray8 °C11 °C
Ausseerland SalzkammergutArray14 °C18 °C
Dachstein SalzkammergutArray13 °C21 °C
AtterseeArray9 °C12 °C
Mondsee - IrrseeArray13 °C15 °C
AlmtalArray11 °C13 °C
WolfgangseeArray15 °C20 °C
TraunseeArray10 °C12 °C
Bad IschlArray13 °C21 °C
FuschlseeregionArray14 °C17 °C
AttergauArray10 °C13 °C
Ausseerland SalzkammergutArray15 °C16 °C
Dachstein SalzkammergutArray13 °C15 °C
AtterseeArray9 °C12 °C
Mondsee - IrrseeArray9 °C12 °C
AlmtalArray13 °C13 °C
WolfgangseeArray13 °C13 °C
TraunseeArray8 °C12 °C
Bad IschlArray13 °C14 °C
FuschlseeregionArray12 °C12 °C
AttergauArray8 °C10 °C
Ausseerland SalzkammergutArray15 °C22 °C
Dachstein SalzkammergutArray13 °C22 °C
AtterseeArray10 °C19 °C
Mondsee - IrrseeArray10 °C21 °C
AlmtalArray13 °C22 °C
WolfgangseeArray13 °C21 °C
TraunseeArray9 °C17 °C
Bad IschlArray13 °C21 °C
FuschlseeregionArray12 °C21 °C
AttergauArray8 °C18 °C
Ausseerland SalzkammergutArray22 °C25 °C
Dachstein SalzkammergutArray22 °C26 °C
AtterseeArray18 °C22 °C
Mondsee - IrrseeArray20 °C25 °C
AlmtalArray21 °C23 °C
WolfgangseeArray20 °C24 °C
TraunseeArray16 °C19 °C
Bad IschlArray21 °C25 °C
FuschlseeregionArray20 °C24 °C
AttergauArray17 °C20 °C