A couple can be seen in front of the turquoise waters of Lake Wolfgang. She lies on the dock, he pulls himself out of the water and looks up at her. On the left you can see a boathouse.

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Cave Trekking

An adrenaline kick with a difference: Cave trekking is truly adventurous. Excitement included.

Penetrate into the depths of a mountain, try abseiling, wriggle through narrow tunnels – this requires bravery and skill. The reward for your efforts: mystical cave worlds, a journey into an unknown world.

Adventure Guided Tours

Amateur researches can dive into the mysticism of caves at Dachstein in the Salzkammergut. Of course not on their own, but accompanied by competent, experienced guides. Prerequisites are athleticism and mobility (to a certain degree) as well as a spirit of research and bravery.


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Further information

The bear path in Faistenau

Bear hole & bear path on the Lidaun

The "Bärenweg" is one of the 12 happieness places in the Fuschl lake region. You will find 5 information boards on the west-way to the Lidaun peak, with 5 questions to answer. The letters of the answer in the correct order build a word - come with...

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Giant ice cave in Obertraun

Dachstein Giant Ice Cave

Dachstein Giant Ice Cave in Obertraun on foot of the Krippenstein These magnificent giant ice palaces rank among the greatest natural wonders of the Alps. People come from all over the world come to admire these subterranean Dachstein ice...

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Entrance to the Schwarzenbachloch
Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee

Place of Happiness Schwarzenbachloch Cave

A place of legends: a poacher got lost in the cave. Only three days later he came back to the surface. The cave as religious meeting placeA few hundred meters from the Kainwiese in Pichlern (a part of Bad Goisern), in the direction to the Raschberg,...

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Koppenbrüller cave

Koppenbrüller Cave near Obertraun

The "Koppenbrueller" cave is the youngest of all Dachstein caves. Situated just outside Obertraun. Follow a short, romantic trail along the Koppentraun River to the cave entrance. This cave is actually an enormous spring. As you go inside, you...

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holy virgin Mary statue at the entrence of the Wetterloch cave
St. Gilgen

holy virgin Mary statue at the entrence to the Wetterloch cave

Whoever put up the statue at the entrence of the lake prayed for safety to Mary with the Knowledge that a lot of accidents happen on a mountain and in Caves in General. 

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