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Ein Taucher unter Wasser.


Our Postalm

Your winter park on Austria's largest alpine pasture

According to legend, the name "Postalm" originated from the "post horses" of the postmaster's office in Ischl, which, along with countless cattle, were driven to the then Strobl pasture for summer grazing from 1840 onwards.

In 1855, the former postmaster was asked by the royal court in Vienna to exhibit a prize-winning cow at the World Exhibition in Paris. So a magnificent Postalm cow was driven to Salzburg and from there taken by train to Paris. At the same time, a dairyman and a dairywoman made the journey to Paris together, where an original alpine hut like the one on the Postalm was also recreated. The cow won the gold medal and was then presented to the Emperor as a gift.

Since 1979...

...the Postalm has now been accessible by a magnificent panoramic road from Strobl and is one of the most popular excursion destinations in the Salzkammergut in summer and winter. In winter, the Postalm almost shows its romantic side. Away from mass tourism, it is still wonderfully relaxed here, although there is plenty of variety on offer.

The Postalm ski area is pleasantly familiar, manageable and safe. In this unique setting you can really switch off and be active at the same time: around 20km of perfectly groomed cross-country ski trails, 4 T-bar lifts, 1 magic carpet, the 4-seater chairlift to the Gschlössl and the fun park provide the necessary variety.

In short - what more could you want in a winter sports heart? Of course, the culinary delights are not neglected either. Delicious Salzburg delicacies, a hearty snack and tempting homemade pastries await you in the numerous huts.



Skiing in the Traunsee-Almtal region

The Traunsee-Almtal region has everything that makes a classic winter holiday perfect with the Feuerkogel, Kasberg and Hochlecken family ski areas.

Perfect pistes and plenty of snow await skiing enthusiasts in the region, but even if you want to experience winter from a completely different, gentle side, the Traunsee-Almtal region provides the most beautiful winter experience.

The Feuerkogel, Upper Austria's sunniest point, invites you to an unforgettable snow experience in the heart of the Salzkammergut with family-friendly slopes, a fantastic all-round panoramic view of the Dachstein and lake region, cosy huts and lots of sporting opportunities!


The Hochlecken ski area, located in the lake district of the Salzkammergut, offers just the right thing for every age group. At Hochlecken, the little ones can try their first turns in the snow on the sunny baby slope, the kids can practice cool jumps in the "Funny Ride Funslope", and the advanced skiers will find a rich selection of wonderful slopes for every level.


The Kasberg in the Almtal is also located in the Traunsee-Almtal region. It likes to call itself the most central skiing area in Upper Austria in the Salzkammergut - in the middle of Austria. It is also a partner of the Snow & Fun ski areas in Upper Austria!


Ski tours in the Traunsee-Almtal region

Outdoor exercise is possible all year round and very important for body & mind! In winter, the gorgeous landscape is perfect for a ski tour or two - here the Traunsee-Almtal region offers gentle hills for beginners as well as challenging mountains for professionals! The healing cold combined with the steady movement activate self-healing powers and happiness hormones and thus have a great influence on your own body!


Bad Ischl

Wintersports at the Rettenbachalm

The Rettenbachalm cross-country skiing paradise captivates with the dreamlike ambience of what was once the largest low mountain pasture in the Salzkammergut. The enormous snow guarantee ensures cross-country skiing pleasure on excellently prepared classic and skating trails until well into spring. For non-cross-country skiers there is a winter hiking trail.

Refreshment stop (if possible again, takeaway in the lockdown):
Rettenbachalm Inn
Mr. Florian Simmer
Tel.: +43-650-7947653

Parking spaces available


Ski tour to the Katrinalm

Since skiing on the Katrin was discontinued, a new target group has won over the mountain: The former 4 km long descent, which runs over 900 metres in altitude, is extremely popular with ski tourers.

Attention: The Katrin is not a secured ski area! Please note the current avalanche situation!

From the train station take the city bus (MO - FR) or a taxi to Kaltenbach to the valley station of the
of the Kartrin cable car (operation is suspended in winter). From there via the former ski slope to the Katrin Almhütte. In case of uncertain avalanche conditions, caution is advised here, especially in the upper part. be careful here, especially in the upper part. In this case, it is recommended to ascend via the more scenic scenic route through the Windengraben.

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This route splits off to the left onto a forest road about halfway down the ski slope. Later, follow the summer trail south past the Feuerkogel or take the trail over the Feuerkogel, both variants are always tracked.


Hearing the fresh snow...

...crunching under your own feet, breathing in clear fresh winter air and discovering the fabulous snow-covered forests and paths: You only really understand the magic of winter when you go on a winter hike. At the same time, you are also doing something good for yourself.
The Attersee-Attergau region offers several opportunities for this: How about a round around the Kronberg or the Buchberg, a snowshoe hike to the Lichtenberg, a winter hiking tour to the Hochplettspitz or to the Nixenfall or on to winter fun on the Födinger Alm, the Edelkastanienwald, the Reiserbauernmühle or the Kelten-Baum-Weg.

Austria's largest inland lake... a true diving paradise - far beyond the borders of Austria - thanks to its unusually clear water, visibility of up to 25 metres and its wide range of diving zones and interesting dive sites, both for beginners and experienced recreational divers.

In the Attersee-Attergau region, diving is possible all year round: no matter whether winter diving, diving or scuba diving in fresh water, apnoea diving or technical diving - there is a suitable offer for every season, which is also underlined by the approx. 150,000 dives per year.


The Ausseerland - geographical & culinary centre of Austria

The beauty of the region and the traditional character of the people are also reflected in the cuisine. "Haftig" (wild, impressive) suits the region as well as the people. "G'schmackig" (tasty) are the dishes that have turned guests of Ausseerland into friends for centuries. Regional fish dishes are considered the quintessence of Ausseer culinary delights. The char and the trout combine central elements of tradition and modern culinary art like hardly any other dish. So that you can enjoy these culinary Ausseerland experiences now, some of the region's establishments offer great opportunities.