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© 60. Narzissenfest im Ausseerland-Salzkammergut ©Huber
Drei in Tracht gekleidete Frauen stehen vor einem Baum. Sie tragen Dirndln, aus Narzissen geflochtenen Kronen und halten Lebkuchenherzen mit der Aufschrift "Willkommen zum Narzissenfest" und "2020".

April in the Salzkammergut!
. . . satisfies the longing for life’s pleasures


What’s happening in April?

A plethora of events make April in the Salzkammergut a time that you doesn’t want to miss. In the Ausserland, the famous Narzissenfest takes place, where numerous young ladies hope to be crowned the 2020 Narcissus Queen. In Bad Ischl, choirs from around the world enchant the public with their singing, while the comedy ‘La Cage aux Folles’ by Jean Poiret delights audiences in the Lehar Theater. In the Traunsee-Almtal Region, there is also much to experience: from a vintage car event, to an unusual Corpus Christi Procession, to the 1000-year celebration of the Traunkirchen Abbey—there’s something for everyone. The idyllic Lake Wolfgang Region is not to be outdone in terms of events: A highlight on Lake Wolfgang is the pilgrimage day on 25 April 2020. Awaken, just as nature does at Easter, to gain a conscious perception of God’s creation and achieve an aspiration that has stirred countless people for centuries. A day that brings body, mind and soul into harmony.



To be queen once in life – the selection of the 2020 Narcissus Royalty

In spring, the Ausseerland - Salzkammergut is once again dominated by the narcissus. The selection of the narcissus sovereigns is one of the highlights of the 61st Narzissenfest. Until 17 April 2020, young women between 18 and 30 years of age can apply by email to, by post to the Narzissenfestverein, Bahnhofstrasse 132, 8990 Bad Aussee, by phone at +43 3622 52273 or directly on the website at


From the submitted applications, a jury will select those to be invited to a presentation on 25 April 2020 in Bad Aussee. This event involves getting to know one another personally and the ability to convince others of one’s own merit. Ten women will then be chosen for the final ‘Selection of the Narcissus Queen’ in the Bad Aussee Kur- and Congresshaus on 16 May. There, the audience in attendance will decide who may represent the Ausseerland - Salzkammergut as Narcissus Queen or Narcissus Princess for one year. The finalists will be introduced to the public by ORF Styria moderators, Reinhart Grundner and Sigrid Maurer. The selected sovereigns can expect fantastic prizes and gifts valuing 2,500 euros.


Bad Ischl

In the enchanting . . .

landscape of the Salzkammergut and the incomparable flair of the famous imperial spa city, each choir performance becomes a unique artistic and cultural experience.
Bad Ischl is an exceptional festival city, full of historical connections and rich in stories of the legendary couple of Sissi and Franz. In addition to the competitions, there are sociable encounters between the choirs and with guests of the city of Bad Ischl at gala concerts, friendship concerts and church services. The city of Bad Ischl and the wonderfully picturesque ambiance of the cultural heritage region of the Salzkammergut offer numerous opportunities for tourist activities at some of the world’s most beautiful lakes, mountains and other special locations.


The raising of the maypole is an ancient fertility custom. To create the maypole, a straight, fine-looking tree of approximately 30 to 34 metres is carefully selected and then felled on the morning of 30 April. The bark and the limbs are cut away, and the tree is then decorated. According to legend, the removal of the bark drives away evil spirits which can hide under the bark in the form of beetles. The green treetop remains at the tip since according to Germanic folklore, the gods reside there. The decorative wreaths symbolize the feminine element which is penetrated the masculine element, namely the tree trunk. The connecting bands bring about the binding magic and bind the thriving blessing, so to speak.


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The maypole is erected by the Trachtenverein D'Ischler, and in accordance with age-old tradition, is aised by hand by strong young men. This process, which can take up to two hours, is achieved with the help of long poles called the ‘Schwoageln’.

The tree is carefully guarded throughout the night so that it isn’t stolen or damaged by boys from other towns. However, 'maypole stealing' is subject to very precise rules.



19th International Renke Fishing Tournament on Lake Fuschl

Hof bei Salzburg – ‘Hail Peter’ is the motto from 17 to 19 April 2020 when traditional fishing starts on the beautiful Lake Fuschl, and participants from all of the world ‘fight’ over the most significant Renke (whitefish) catch.

The nutrient-poor water of Lake Fuschl, which actually has drinking water quality and is up to 70 metres deep, offers the ideal habitat for chub, pike, burbot, whitefish, arctic char, lake trout, carp, tench, perch, roach, rudd and bleak. So it also goes without saying that the international field of participants in the famous ‘fishing for the Lake Fuschl Renke’ must work hard to catch the largest Renke specimen.


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However, since the tournament is by no means about prize fishing, but rather a gentle ‘making of room’, fishing is carried out according to very specific rules, which makes this type of competition a special challenge for even the most experienced fishermen. Because not only must the fishing rods be very fine and the bait be so-called ‘nymphs’, a minimum catch size (36 cm) must also be observed to ensure that the fish have naturally reproduced in the lake before they are removed .

Technique is also crucial for this particular type of fishing. It is important to imitate the ascent of the nymph by carefully moving the fishing rod up and down and thus outwit the shy Renke at a depth of approximately 15 to 35 metres and encourage them to bite. This particular fishing technique requires a lot of practice and can even be difficult for skilled fishermen. Three whitefish per day can be included in the evaluation, but the total weight of the fish caught on all three event days is decisive for a victory. The catches are assessed, measured and weighed by master fisherman Gerhard Langmaier. At the 19th International Fishing for the Lake Fuschl Renke, the largest catch is awarded a handmade sculpture. To motivate and sustain the fishermen, a supply ship with snacks and Stiegl beer sails across Lake Fuschl on Friday and Saturday, and there is a large farmer's buffet and Stiegl alcohol-free beer at the award ceremony at the Seehotel Schlick on Sunday.



In the Region Traunsee – Almtal, this year’s festival ‘1000-year Celebration of the Traunkirchen Abbey’ is one the main attractions among numerous traditional events. On the occasion of the 1000-year anniversary of the Traunkirchen Abbey, the entire village becomes a spectacular stage for a very special birthday celebration. The opening event with a fantastic programme is on 25 April 2020. In addition, there are corresponding abbey tours through October.


A completely different gourmet festival!

Countless culinary locations for connoisseurs, alpine huts, Lake Traun innkeepers and wonderful events along and above Lake Traun, which are perfectly made for the region with their mixture of tradition, cosiness and culinary delights. With this blend, it is no wonder that the Romans called Lake Traun Lacus Felix, the happy lake. And for perfect happiness, enjoyment and the arts should not be missing. The innkeepers at Lake Traun invite you to a festival of tavern culture, where tradition is combined with future aspirations and regional culture with a cosmopolitan perspective.

Accompany us throughout the festival and indulge your senses.



Pilgrimage Day

A pilgrimage day with spiritual stimulation along the old pilgrimage path to St. Wolfgang.

Awaken, just as nature does at Easter, to gain a conscious perception of God’s creation and achieve an aspiration that has stirred countless people for centuries. A day that brings body, mind and soul into harmony.

The Lake Wolfgang pilgrimage day is an invitation for both hiking and pilgrimage enthusiasts – an extraordinary day to be experienced by all.

  • Pilgrimage blessing and spiritual stimulation along the Wolfgang path
  • Physical rejuvenation with a pilgrim soup
  • Return trip by ship to Fürberg
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The starting and ending point is the European abbey in St. Gilgen, Aich 3 (parking available at the abbey).