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Eine Frau und ein Mädchen laufen mit einem Hund über eine Wiese. Im Hintergrund ist der Attersee zu sehen.

Bad Ischl

Parks in Bad Ischl

The three freely accessible parks are great for relaxing and the children can have fun in the playgrounds in Sisi Park and Kurpark. Especially in the Sisi Park, which was redesigned for the garden show in 2015, the children have many options. The two playgrounds located there provide variety. There is also a playground in the Kurpark opposite the Kongress- und TheaterHaus. The small Rudolfspark in the center of the city, located between the Catholic church and the thermal bath, does not have a playground, but there is a wooden carriage (including wooden horses) on which the children can climb nearby.





Fitting for the beginning of spring...

...the region Attersee-Attergau would like to take you on a very special journey through nature: Discover together with us new protected natural jewels in the region and learn many interesting aspects about them.
Our joint journey will take us from a unique relict in Upper Austria to an enigma of nature: from the Aufhammer riparian forest to the sweet chestnut forest in Unterach to a once large lake in Seewalchen am Attersee.



The special cultural and natural landscape...

...between Lake Attersee and Lake Traunsee was awarded in 2012 as the third and largest nature park in Upper Austria. It connects the two lakes with a very varied mountain and valley landscape. For inquisitive nature lovers, knowledgeable experts offer a large number of different nature adventure tours to explore the herb and plant world or the life in the forest and water. A treat for body, mind and soul. Discover this fascinating landscape and experience the Attersee-Traunsee Nature Park with all your senses.



AbenteuerWanderSpaß starts again

After the winter break, the popular AbenteuerWanderSpaß, with the two Attersee-Attergau mascots Perlfisch "Perla" and owl "Gustl" goes into the next round: Just in time for the start of the Easter vacations, from March 27, 2021, the collection passes, for free withdrawal, are again available in the owl houses at each of the nine themed hiking trails.
Hiking is rewarded: Those who have collected four or nine stamps on their collection passport will receive great gifts at the tourist offices in the region. Gustl and Perla are looking forward to seeing you!



Hof bei Salzburg – „Petri heil“...

is the motto from 16th to 18th April 2021, when traditional fishing starts on the beautiful Fuschlsee and participants from all over the world “fight” for the most capital of whitefish.The nutrient-poor water of the Fuschlsee, which is even of drinking water quality, offers the ideal habitat for a large number of native fish. So it goes without saying that an international field of participants in the famous "Hegefischen around the Fuschlsee Renke" fights to catch the biggest one.

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At this event, very specific rules are followed and the largest whitefish is awarded a prize. On Friday and Saturday you will be supplied with snacks and Stiegl beer from a supply ship directly on the lake, on Sunday there will be an award ceremony at the Seehotel Schlick.






Swap the heat of the city for the pleasant coolness of mountains and lakes; hectic city life for a deeply relaxing forest atmosphere; gray for green and blue. Summer freshness is in vogue - and the Traunsee-Almtal region is its refreshing heart.

Summer freshness! A beautiful, graceful word that means a special form of idleness. Finding peace, letting your soul dangle, strolling instead of running. It also means letting yourself be surprised - by the landscape, by the people. Enjoy the high quality of the gastronomy, in an area where one feels immediately at home.

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It's understandable that "city-dwellers" are drawn here. The Traunsee-Almtal region is a treat for the soul; it's simply better to live and sleep here. The recreational value is high. And - in times like these - a "summer-fresh vacation" at home in one of the most beautiful spots in Upper Austria is also more environmentally friendly and safer.

Discover the Traunsee-Almtal region from its most beautiful side - with an e-bike!

On the bike, with electric tailwind leads you through the region. Discover on the guided tour, short insights into the regional specialties, pauses to breathe and savor the views of nature, feel the wind while cycling and taste regional and seasonal specialties at the gourmet stations.


Further highlights

The namesake Joseph is encountered again and again along the way, as a church patron saint, on altarpieces and statues. He accompanies the hiker as a companion of all those seeking peace and reflection. Along the way, spiritual impulses encourage the walker to pause. These three daily stages of 7 hours, 5 hours and 8 hours, leave enough time in the unique landscape of the nature park Attersee - Traunsee, to get closer to the goal and also to yourself.



Get to know our region while cycling through the beautiful countryside.
On a tour on two wheels you can relive history, set your sights on culinary destinations or simply master sporting experiences. From beautiful mountain bike tours into the mountains to river biking along the Alm and Traun rivers, there is something for every "cyclist".


Pilgrimage offer through the Grünau im Almtal area! Guided, star-shaped hike to the Marian places of worship. Along the way, old, traditional fairy tales are told! In these old stories parallels can be found to stories from the Bible but also to their own life paths! From April 16th to 18th, offered from 217€ per person.



When the snow melts in the Ausseerland - Salzkammergut region ...

... then the „Strumern“ gush. The Strumern in Bad Mitterndorf are karst springs that belong to one of the largest karst massifs in Austria, the Dachstein. When the snow melts and during longer periods of rain, the water accumulates inside the mountain before it emerges as a karst spring. This natural spectacle can be observed only a few weeks a year. It usually reaches its peak between the end of April and the beginning of May. A wonderful forest hiking trail leads directly to the springs.



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You will find the Strumern in Pichl-Kainisch near the lake Ödensee. Parking is available at the Mühlreith parking lot.


Holy salvation at the lakes Mondsee and Irrsee!

Normally the story goes like this: Lake Mondsee is known far and wide, lake Irrsee is a rather unknown lake. The situation is different as soon as you ask a fisherman! Because the Irrsee has always been particularly popular under them. The protected lake with its large moors (which are also under protection) not only offers rare bird species an undisturbed breeding ground, but also serves as a nursery for a large number of fish. The grayling, for example, was voted Fish of the Year in 2021, but eel rods, bream, perch and catfish are also allowed to be fished in Mondsee and Irrsee from April 1st (with a valid fishing license).




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If you love looking at fish instead of catching them, our fish webcam is recommended - it shows the underwater world of the Irrsee in real time.

Lonely paths off the beaten track in Mondsee-Irrsee

Are you a "counter-current" hiker and do you often end up on unfamiliar paths? Lonely paths and wild nature are pure relaxation for you? We have exactly what you need! For the start of the hiking season in April, we have put together the most beautiful routes away from the crowds around Mondsee and Irrsee for you. For example, the „Libellenweg“ (dragonfly trail) in Oberhofen. It scores points with its diverse bird watching opportunities in the protected north moor of the Irrsee. The rarely hiked “Almwiesenweg” with its fantastic view from the Heissinger Höhe (Lookout point Heissinger Height) or the hike to the “Kramer Herrgott Chapel” with beautiful forest- and meadow paths. Get inspired!



Bike the Lake

When the last snowfields melt, the first early blossoms sprout and the sun provides warmer temperatures again, then it's the best time to get your bike out of hibernation at the Wolfgangsee area. The program "BIKE the LAKE - Cycling pleasure at Lake Wolfgangsee", revolves around the topics of cycling, e-biking, mountain biking and culinary delights from the spring months until late autumn. You can experience pleasure bike tours starting from the Wolfgangsee to wonderful places in the Salzkammergut. The bike tours, from easy to difficult, all lead along the existing Salzkammergut bike paths, so there is a suitable route for every pleasure cyclist. In addition, you will experience cultural specialties and a variety of excursion destinations throughout the year. For e-bikers we have created several charging points.