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Hiking with the diving mask

We are starting our diving-mask-experience at the Weißenbachtal, a beautiful natural valley near lake Attersee and hike up to the colourful "Gimbach cascades".

After a one-hour walk we have to put on the wetsuit and certainly also our diving-masks - because from now on we will go down the sparkling and crystal clear cascades swimming and snorkelling!

Fish sightings and adventure guaranteed!

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Gschmå - let's try to explain what it means!

Some of the most spectacular places around lake Wolfgangsee and in the whole Salzkammergut region are just "gschmå", as our natives would say.

At these beautiful places, picnic areas have been set up for our guests - they are viewpoint and resting place at the same time.
Read the explanation of the word"gschmå" and feel like a local.

Enjoy the view!

Naming of the Salzkammergut lakes

Where did the four famous Salzkammergut lakes get their names from?


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Attersee: Presumably from the pre-celtic word root *ata or *ada, meaning „Waterlake“

Fuschlsee: Derived from stagnum lacusculus„flooded small lake“

Mondsee: Surprise! From the family name of a former noble family "Mannsee", therefore Mannsee-lake"

Wolfgangsee:From Saint Wolfgang  (976 Bishop of Regensburg) who was looking for refuge in the monastery of Mondsee and founded his own hermitage at mount Falkenstein and later the town of St. Wolfgang, therefore "St. Bishop Wolfgang-lake"