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Family Days at Lake Attersee – Happy as a Pig in Clover

The biggest lake of the Salzkammergut is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, but meanwhile it also attracts more and more families. Some hundred farms offer holiday accommodation – visit goats and deer in the Salzkammergut.

Two hours ago the little kitten has opened its eyes for the first time – and still the kids gather around the bright reddish fur bundle with the dark blue eyes. The children kneel in the straw almost devoutly and pet the little kitten and its mother Mercedes.

The following photo gallery can be navigated with the arrow keys (left, right).

Farmer Sepp Nußbaumer knows the scenario: “Our young guests dash from one stable to the other all day long and in the evening they fall into their beds dog-tired but happy.” Since he and his wife Anni have started to rent out room to guests at their Nußbaumerhof farm in Nußdorf at the Austrian Lake Attersee the number of parents with their excited kids has continuously increased with every year. Meanwhile there are approximately one hundred farms around Lake Attersee that provide accommodation to guests.

To date the Salzkammergut’s biggest lake was considered to be most of all a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, but meanwhile more and more families appreciate the children-friendly offers and attractions around the lake. Athlete or family: If you haven’t yet seen the beautiful spots of the Attersee region you should explore the 22km-long and up to 3.5km-wide lake by boat first.  Aboard you learn plenty of worthwhile on the region and also on the emergence of the name of Attersee.

The Name Derives from the Mermaid Adhara

“The name derives from the mermaid Adhara that lived at Lake Attersee and brought the locals gemstones and gold. With the treasures greed and envy arrived too unfortunately. That is why Adhara retreated but left the lake its fantastic shine and sparkle”, tells Johanna Kiebler of the tourist board of the Atterseee-Salzkammergut holiday region.

Still today the lake is famous for its fantastic sparkle and its almost Caribbean turquoise blue water of excellent water quality. Parents whose children swallow some water while swimming or splashing about need not worry: The lake’s water has drinking water quality.

Less interesting to the younger guests, yet even more so for the older ones: From a boat you can catch a glimpse of the many splendid villas along the lake’s shore that cannot be seen from the road. Among the artists that succumbed to the magic of Lake Attersee were the composer Gustav Mahler and the painter Gustav Klimt. Today the conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt and the Flick, Underberg and Konsalik Families are residents there.

More interesting for the young holiday makers: If they don’t want to go swimming they can romp about at the Forest Theme Trail in Nußdorf – boredom on this walk is unheard of. On the hiking trail from the municipal office past Oberdorf and the famous Pfarrer-Salettl vantage point the young and old pass twelve stations to experience the forest. There are “smelling stations” for testing whether you can e.g. tell the smell of carnations from the smell of lavender. Having arrived on top you can swing on a rope swing while the adults enjoy the impressive view from Pfarrer-Salettl vantage point.

If you have always wanted to accompany Little Red Riding Hood on her visit to the grandmother or to sit at a table with Snow White and the seven dwarfs you should visit the Fairytale Hiking Trail in Unterach. The trail leads through a varied forest landscape and is perfect for children.

Tremlhof farm is a perfect starting point for this hike. At theWiedlreuther Family’s you learn plenty about goat keeping and cheese making. “Even children like goats’ cheese and many parents are astonished to hear that goats’ milk contains not more fat than cows’ milk. It is also very agreeable”, explains Annemarie Wiedlreuther. Fortified the children can then start the fairytale hike. At the end of the trails is the next highlight: the game reserve of the Panoramagasthof Druckerhof. While children admire the Bambis there, adults can enjoy a hearty snack and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sparkling lake and thank mermaid Adhara for it secretly. Even if she didn’t leave gold at Lake Attersee, the lake’s sparkling is a worthy compensation.

Author: Sandra Hiendl

Passauer Neue Presse, 2012



Accommodation: Nußbaumerhof, Anni and Sepp Nußbaumer, Wiedmais 5, Nußdorf a. Attersee, 0043/(0)7666/ 8331, www.oberoesterreich. at/gaestehaus-nussbaumer. Contact: Attersee-Salzkammergut Tourist Board, 0043/(0)7664/2236, www.attersee.at..

The author Sandra Hiendl, editor journalist of Passauer Neuen Presse, was invited by Österreich Werbung to write this article.