A couple can be seen in front of the turquoise waters of Lake Wolfgang. She lies on the dock, he pulls himself out of the water and looks up at her. On the left you can see a boathouse.

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Stories of Happiness for Reading to Someone Else and Alone

How your pursuit of happiness will be successful, where you can find your personal Place of Happiness – these answers are given in the books of happiness of the Salzkammergut.

Hike into happiness

The most beautiful Places of Happiness of the Salzkammergut discovered and described by the travel journalist Maria Schoiswohl. She climbs mountain summits, wanders past waterfalls and through forests and moors, meets interesting people and finds her happiness true to the motto: Happiness is inside you. And here.

Written as hiking guide, published by Schubert & Franzke.  Happiness hiker Maria Schoiswohl lists more than 200 Places of Happiness in the Salzkammergut and introduces the 20 most beautiful spots in detail. From the natural landmark of Plötz in Ebenau to Lake Steirersee on Tauplitz, from Vogel-Anna-Platzerl at Koglberg to Lake Koppenwinelsee in Obertraun.

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Happiness in the Salzkammergut

A guide to happiness. If you are open to the fascination and abundance of nature, you can experience happiness galore. The unspoilt landscape with its many lakes, cultural sites and natural treasures has the world’s highest density of certified Places of Happiness. For thousands of years they have been used to stop, take a break and recharge with life energy. That the people in the Salzkammregut are serious about their Places of Happiness you can read black-on-white: The book with the title “Glück im Salzkammergut” (Happiness in the Salzkammergut) includes suggestions for being happy and is a good companion through the dreamlike landscape. The 18 authors – from Rössl host Helmut Peter to the psychoanalyst Christoph Fischer – describe their personal Places of Happiness, tell of their experiences and knowledge and give tips. Published by Ronald Felder and Martin Schoiswohl. Publishing house: Trauner Verlag.

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Salzkammergut Hiking Atlas

What are Places of Happiness, where exactly are the certified and mapped Places of Happiness of the Salzkammergut? These questions are answered in the Salzkammergut Hiking Atlas, a handy and practical companion for your hikes in the Salzkammergut.

The 200-page ring binder features extensive descriptions of more than one hundred hiking trails and 212 Places of Happiness, as well as 63 pages of hiking maps at a scale of 1:35 000. Published by Schubert & Franzke publishing house.

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