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Gravel biking in the Salzkammergut

Experience a completely new bike feeling and get infected by the gravelbike virus in the Dachstein Salzkammergut. As an interested biker, it is difficult to avoid the topic of gravel bike. Numerous manufacturers have expanded their fleets with light hybrid bikes. Because it's also fun to switch between asphalt, forest road and light unpaved paths and enjoy the full freedom on the bike.


Gravel biking

Go Anywhere, Do Anything - a very fitting motto for gravel biking as you can read in the online guide. If you ask yourself now: Gravel biking - what is that again? Then this mentioned guide is highly recommended. Bike enthusiasts have been on the trail of this topic for a few years now. Because that's how Gravel biking combines the best of two worlds - road biking and mountain biking.

Full flexibility and pure biking pleasure on both gravel and asphalt. The bike industry is also focusing on this niche and since the Eurobike at the latest, the order catalogues of well-known manufacturers have become thicker again thanks to Gravel Bikes.


What is a gravel bike?

A gravel bike is an all-terrain road bike. With a gravel bike you have the possibility to ride on gravel roads. Gravel bikes are based on cyclocross bikes, known from the cross-country scene. 

What are the advantages of a gravel bike?

  • More comfortable sitting position
  • Quiet driving on gravel roads away from heavy traffic
  • Flexible use (forest roads, cross country, winter)
  • More safety thanks to disc brakes on the gravel roads
  • Ideal touring bike
  • Ideal as Commuter

From marathon to a trip of enjoyment

Although the topic is still quite new, the country of the Salzkammergut Trophy - the Dachstein Salzkammergut - has been watching the topic with Argus eyes for some time and last year decided to officially sign three routes for Gravel Bikers. The head of the Salzkammergut Trophy, Bernhard Höll, himself an enthusiastic gravel biker, was in charge of planning the routes. The Trophy has been organising its own Any Road competition as part of the Trophy for years. Performance and stamina are required here, as the picture and experience report from bikeboard.at shows. You can also take it more comfortable. The bike tracks are open from April to the end of October.


Go Anywhere? Go Dachstein Salzkammergut!

With the Gravelbike you are at home almost everywhere whether asphalt, gravel, flowing trails or technical challenges. The Dachstein Salzkammergut can cover many needs in the biking area thanks to a huge forest road network.  With the Gravel Bike, the wide carriage path suddenly becomes a challenge - which with the enduro still caused pure boredom. On some of the rapid descents, you may forget that you are in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site region, but you will soon be diving back into the unique landscape of mountains, lakes and alpine pastures.