© Weisses Rössl ©Österreich Werbung/ Andreas Hofer
Zwei Damen lehnen am Poolrand des Outdoor Pools im Weissen Rössel. Im Hintergrund fährt ein Schiff über den Wolfgangsee und Berge erstrecken sich in den Himmel.

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An einem mit Brotkorb, Wein und einem Fischgericht eingedeckten Tisch sitzt eine Frau und beginnt den Fisch zu essen.

Tasting the Salzkammergut

Tasting the Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut invites you to a discovery of culinary art - from typical farmer's food to crowned finesse.

From its clear lakes, local char and fresh fish are fresh on the plate. Spicy and mild cheeses of cow, goat or sheep are produced by local farmers or by the region's dairies. Homemade sausage specialties, Selchfleisch from the farmer or spicy wood oven bread - as a special treat. Available directly from the farm are pork and veal, or lamb, also venison from the forests of the region.

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All these delicacies, prepared according to local recipes, are also on the table in many restaurants. Hearty or delicate, definitely tasty and varied - just like the landscape itself.


Culinary highlights are not uncommon in the Salzkammergut. Fresh ingredients from the farmer, exquisite gourmet restaurants, fish restaurants, local cuisine, .. the list goes on forever. No matter what and where you eat: Bon appetit!