Ice Rinks in the Salzkammergut

Glide in wide circles across the crystal-clear ice of the lakes, enjoy hockey games, watch the ice fishers or divers, see the paragliders take down, spend some fascinating hours on the ice or enjoy a hot drink directly on the lake: This is not only warming for the toes, but also the heart. You probably won’t find nicer ice rinks than the frozen Lake Altausseer See, Lake Grundlsee, Lake Toplitz, Lake Wolfgang, Lake Hallstätter See, Lake Attersee….


Ice curling rinks

What could be more fun than enjoying an ice curling session together with friends. Ice curling is an old mass sport that is especially popular in the Alpine area. In the Salzkammergut too the sport has had a long tradition. People here know how to enjoy the pleasures of winter time. Ice curling is popular among the young and the old. What is it about? The curling stone is slid across an ice alley towards a target. It is aimed at getting as close to the target as possible. And to have as much fun as possible with your friends.