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Gschmå - let's try to explain what it means!

Some of our most spectacular places are just “gschmå”. Read the explanation and feel like a local.

Native language in the Salzkammergut region is German. Well, written language is German. Our spoken language is a strong German dialect even German natives are sometimes not able to understand. A speciality of German language is that it differs from region to region and from village to village.
One word only used around the Salzkammergut lakes is “gschmå”.

“Gschmå” simply means unique, great, very special, cool, gorgeous, superb, wow and a combination of all those words. To get the real “gschmå”-feeling the most beautiful places around the Wolfgangsee lake were equipped as picnic, resting and viewing points.
Just go there and visit one of those very special places.

There is no better way to explain what “gschmå” really means!

Die Gschmå-Places in the Salzkammergut


Gschmå Platzl Blinklingmoos

... the outstanding view! Grasshopper diversity – tettigonia cantansBlinklingmoos // Bank 1 Tettigonia cantans is one of the largest domestic grasshoppers. It can grow up to 35 mm long. Its name derives from its loud song, which can be heard for up...

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Das Boot zum See

The boat to the lake!

... the outstanding view! Back in medieval times, pilgrims were rowed across the lake to St Wolfgang with the so-called “Plätte”. There was even space for animals, food and construction material in this useful and aesthetic boat. The flat bottom and...

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Gschmå Platzl Fish-shaped sun beds

... a view to inspire! ​The uniquely clear and superb quality of its water and the abundance of fish make Lake Wolfgangsee a real angler’s paradise.  The presence of the endangered “Perlfisch” (Rutilus meidingerii) - a species of ray-finned fish -...

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Gschmå Platzl Water Lily

... the outstanding view! Water –  the elixir of life “No life without water”. At the Wolfgangsee, visitors are especially aware of this fact. The lake ranks among Europe’s top performers in terms of cleanliness and water quality, having been...

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