A couple can be seen in front of the turquoise waters of Lake Wolfgang. She lies on the dock, he pulls himself out of the water and looks up at her. On the left you can see a boathouse.

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Diving in the Salzkammergut

An Experience in Incredible Depths .

The Salzkammergut offers an exceptional diving experience for beginners and advanced divers alike. Sports and amateuer divers get their money’s worth and can enjoy the world underwater. Every lake tells its own story and quite often impressive treasures are found in incredible depths.

Explore the underwater Place of Happiness at Lake Attersee that is called “Hinkelstein“. An adventure for every diver. Rent your diving equipment at one of the many diving schools and explore the Salzkammergut underwater world.


Diving schools and areas in the Salzkammergut

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Lake Attersee

Explore the water world of Lake Attersee. In the summer, as well as in the winter an experience with a difference. At the Attersee Diving Competence Centre you get competent and good advice and are perfectly looked after.

To the Lake Attersee diving experience

Lake Mondsee

Lake Mondsee is unique for divers. It features nice rock formations and can be accessed at many spots, e.g. at the western shore between Scharfling and Plomberg.

To the Lake Mondsee diving experience

Lake Traunsee

Lake Traunsee is a breath-taking experience for any diver. Several diving schools offer equipment rental and extensive course offers including cave or Nitrox diving.

To the Lake Traunsee diving experience

Lake Wolfgang

A diving session in Lake Wolfgang usually offers excellent views and interesting diving areas. Because of the lakes beautiful setting, it is also used by numerous amateur athletes and recreation seekers.

To the Lake Wolfgang diving experience

Lake Grundlsee

Lake Grundlsee is known as diving paradise with drinking water quality and excellent views far beyond the borders of Austria!  

To the Lake Grundlsee diving experience

Lake Hallstättersee and Lake Gosausee

Lake Hallstättersee is certainly one of the classic diving waters of the Salzkammergut and together with its impressive surroundings it is definitely worth a holiday or excursion. The water is rich in fish and together with its lush flora it has a special ambiance. Lake Gosausee is the lake with the clearest water of the Salzkammergut and in the winter one can also enjoy ice diving there – an experience not to be missed.

To the Lake Hallstättersee and Lake Gosausee diving experience