© Foto Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH/Nicole Kubiak: Ein junges Pärchen genießt den Sonnenuntergang am kleinen Schönberg
Ein junges Pärchen genießt den Sonnenuntergang am kleinen Schönberg

Trend Sport of Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is the happy medium between walking and running. An endurance sport to get fit, stay fit and to enjoy.

The Salzkammergut with its healthy air, scenic beauty and varied nature is perfect for Nordic Walking. Alone, in pairs or in a group: On your walking tours, you also have the time to look, chat and experience nature.  Varied courses make walking an agreeable experience.


The Perfect Endurance Sport

From a medical point of view Nordic Walking is highly recommendable since it is perfect cardio training. Speed can be adjusted to your individual fitness levels and since poles are used also the muscles of your torso are exercised. Nordic Walking is thus suitable for ambitious athletes and for untrained, convalescent people. The right technique is easy to learn and no complicated or expensive equipment is needed.


Exercise in Nice Surroundings

The best of Nordic Walking: It is great fun! The best of the Salzkammergut: the incomparable beauty of the scenery. The Salzkammergut offers a network of trails that is not only scenically varied and attractive but features also excellent signposting. Routes at all levels of difficulty that can of course also be used for hiking or running are available. 

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