© Auerböckplatz im Winter ©Foto Hofer
Im Zentrum die verschneite Trinkhalle in Bad Ischl. Der Platz davor ist von Schnee bedeckt. Im Hintergrund ist der Mond sichtbar.

Rendezvous of Tradition and Modern Times

The Salzkammergut has a special atmosphere: history with a touch of royal and imperial tradition and all of that influenced by contemporary art; culture with a distinctive touch of tradition.

Culture in the Salzkammergut is an unconventional, yet very authentic mixture of tradition and modern times. The Salzkammergut has always been an inspiring place for many artists – from Franz Lehàr to Gustav Mahler and Gustav Klimt to Klaus Maria Brandauer. Contemporary culture and past meet with plenty of style and intuition. Holidays in the Salzkammergut are about encountering world history, customs, tradition and contemporary art.


The Salzkammergut abounds in tradition, history, culture and customs.

Hardly anywhere else is culture as spirited and customs as authentic as in the Salzkammergut. The beautiful scenery has always inspired the people to create something special. It is not without reason that big artists have settled here and created some of the most important works. Not without reason emperors and nobility picked the Salzkammergut for their summer vacations. In the entire Salzkammergut you can still feel the air that already captivated Emperor Franz Josef and his Sisi. On every step visitors encounter the royal and imperial monarchy and can feel the tradition. Places that are steeped in history and that have many stories to tell.
Around the UNESCO world cultural heritage region of Dachstein-Hallstatt the entire Salzkammergut shines like a jewel. With the salt mining in Hallstatt the region looks back on 8,000 years of history. Salt is still important in the Salzkammergut.
History and tradition are also reflected in crafts. Handmade goods have always been rated highly in the Salzkammergut and range from handmade Goiserer shoes that were already worn by the emperor, to block prints for traditional cloths in the Ausseerland, tailored dirndl dresses, handmade lederhosen to Ischl or Ausseer hats: becoming clothes have had a long tradition in the Salzkammergut.
Instrument making and arts and crafts are still as important in the Salzkammergut today as in days of yore. Writers, poets, musicians and painters have found their inspiration and leisure here.

Numerous brass bands, Schützen associations (historic defence guards) and traditional associations tell of a spirited, authentic folk culture in the Salzkammergut.
Arts and culture are also inseparably linked: The art of schnapps distilling e.g. has a long tradition in the Salzkammergut. Master chefs and confectioners create pieces of art that are not for eternity but for indulging.

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