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Ein Paar genießt ein Glas Wein an einem gedeckten Tisch am See.

Holzknechtnockn (Woodcutter Dumplings)

Equal parts flour and water, clarified butter and salt.


For a one-pan serving, approx. 350 g flour is needed. It’s best to use a measuring cup where the same amount of water can also be measured. A teaspoon of salt is need for this amount.


Salt the flour. Boil water and then pour over flour. Quickly kneed together. With wet hands, form dumplings of approx. 4-5 cm. Boil dumplings for approx. 8 minutes in salt water. Heat clarified butter in a large pan (liquefied butter should be approx. ½ cm deep). Place drained dumplings (tightly) close together in pan and fry on both sides. The dumplings should create a ‘wreath’ that can be turned as a single mass.


Finished! Serve with butter, stewed apples, berries, sugar or even hearty helping of sauerkraut.