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Places of Happiness

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Schörfling am Attersee

From the gallery specializes in high-quality original works of art of the Australian aborigines, and guarantees that all artists are paid accordingly. Certificates prove the origin of the images. New artworks in the gallery from original Images of artist /...

Oberwang bei Mondsee

In the past alp area from monastry Mondsee, now a popular hiking target. On the eastern side of Oberwang at Mondseeberg you will find Almplatzl, the former site of Hofalm (Hochalm), which was part of the monastery or comital landscape. Favourite hiking...

Grünau im Almtal

Grünau im Almtal

Lake Almsee Nature Preserve - pure nature . Lake Almsee is situated in front of the majestic mountain range of the "Tote Gebirge" which mirror image can be seen in the lake. In this area, still the landscape sets the ton: pure nature and carefully protected...


Hallstatt Sky Walk - the "World Heritage View" The platform floats freely in almost 360 meters above sea level and offers a unique view of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hallstatt and the hiking region of Dachstein Salzkammergut. Hallstatt Sky Walk: The "World...


The "Bärenweg" is one of the 12 happieness places in the Fuschl lake region. . You will find 5 information boards on the west-way to the Lidaun peak, with 5 questions to answer. The letters of the answer in the correct order build a word - come with this word to the...

Mondsee am Mondsee

The basilica St. Michael is the cultural and spiritual heart of the Mondsee region. This gothic former monastery is just as striking today as ever. Its two towers stretch 52m into the sky. This late gothic church was constructed in the 15th century under the...

Bad Ischl

Cultural and Mythical Place. It is only a 15-minute walk from the former Ischl salt mine. Built in 1747 for the miners; annual mass and mountain festival. From there 1,000 steps lead up to Reinfalzalm pasture, where iron was mined to 1563. Reinfalzalm pasture is a...


This monument was built in memory of a "Glöckler" who was killed in a brawl. .

Bad Ischl

Mythical Place. Castle-like elevation that used to be connected with Lauffen and Wildenstein Castle, with a nice view and a shrine on the summit. The horses of Wildenstein Castle are said to have grazed there. Today it is a nice vantage point with a shrine. The...

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